Love Inspired Anthology of Short Stories (Cheating Wife Cuckold Lesbian Billionaire Boss Office One Night Stand Cuckold Housewife Hotwife Professor...

Autor: Abbie Brennan

Wydawnictwo: MidCastle Publishing

Love Inspired Anthology of Short Stories (Cheating Wife Cuckold Lesbian Billionaire Boss Office One Night Stand Cuckold Housewife Hotwife Professor Romance)This anthology of short stories contains the following eBooks:1. The Cuckolded Husband (Cheating Wife Cuckold Romance)After a huge argument with his wife, Toby finally professes his love to the woman whom he had been in love with for a long time: his personal assistant Emma. But there is a problem: Emma is also (unhappily) married. Will she give in to Toby, cuckold her husband and become a cheating wife, or will she stay faithful to her husband?2. Aphrodisiac (Love Inspired Romance)Dexter, (a security guard) is infatuated with Tanya (a high flying lawyer). He pursues her for months but he is constantly rejected by her. When he finally manages to sleep with her the first time, Tanya becomes addicted to Dexter’s lovemaking. She can’t get enough of him and she constantly wants him inside her.3. Introduced To Lesbian Romance (Lesbian Romance Fiction)When Sophia goes to Daisy’s home to comfort her after her divorce, Daisy gets the shock of her life when Sophia (who is married and lives with her husband) confesses her love for her. She had no inkling that Sophia enjoyed sleeping with both men and women. Daisy ends up being introduced to an entire new world: the pleasures of lesbian romance.4. My First Lesbian Love (Lesbian Love Romance)Strong amorous feelings are felt by Cassie, when her friend and neighbour Adele kisses her for the first time. It is the first time in her life that Cassie has been kissed by another woman. What started as a half-drunken kiss leads to Cassie’s first lesbian experience.5. Seducing the Boss (Billionaire Boss Romance)Billionaire Ronald Wallace’s personal assistant Lily takes advantage of his wife’s absence from their marital home to seduce him. Mr Wallace is able to resist Lily for a while but when Lily starts performing a particular amorous act on him, he gets to the point of no return. All he wants to do at that point is to make love to her. However, his wife has a surprise in store for them.6. Love at the Office (Office One Night Stand Romance)Sandra is an accountant who is complexly infatuated with her co-worker Tom. She desperately wants to sleep with him. In spite of the fact that Tom has a girlfriend who works in the same building, Sandra never gives up on her quest to sleep with Tom. She wants him and she will do everything in her power to have him.7. The Cuckolding Housewife (Cuckold Hotwife Romance)Trudy is a very promiscuous housewife. As soon as her husband leaves home one morning, she invites her lover Warren to their marital bed. Cuckolding her husband is her favorite pastime. While they are in the throes of passion, Trudy’s husband Floyd arrives home earlier than usual. Floyd is downstairs and his wife is in their marital bed with her lover Warren. Trudy and Warren must act fast!8. An Unforgetful One Night Stand (One Night Stand Romance)When Max brings home the pretty Thelma for a night full of passion, he gets the shock of his life when he is about sleep with her. There is something quite peculiar about Thelma. She has something that he has never seen before. But what could it be?9. The Best Lover in Town (One Night Stand Romance)When Jodie hears about Alan’s legendary love making skills, she decides that she has to sleep with him. When she finally plucks up the courage to ask Alan to bed her, he gives her an experience that she would never forget.10. Sleeping With My Professor (Professor Romance)Barbara’s chemistry professor is desperate to make love to her. Although she finds him attractive and she wouldn’t mind sleeping with him, she is holding out because she wants something in return. She wants Professor Norman to give her a pass mark in chemistry in return for becoming his lover.
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