Sibling Affairs - Volume 2

Autor: Veronica Sloan

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

If sex is the solution, what do you do when your sibling is the only one that can save you? In this collection of taboo shorts, brothers and sisters are pulled into sensual, and sometimes paranormal, situations. Secret lusts will be revealed and obscene hijinks are in store in this second volume of Sibling Affairs!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~When he crashed through the front door his face was red and the snow was sticking to the copper hairs of his beard. He'd just started growing it out for the trip and it made his face glow like a ruddy sun. Marissa was waiting on the couch that faced the front window, dried from the snow and the spring but now shivering in just an undershirt and her panties. The cold helped. It was the only thing that counteracted the burning inside her.Don dropped his skis and tossed his wet scarf and hat on the floor. He slid to his knees in front of his twin and grabbed her pale hands. She almost cried when she saw the frantic look on his face. He was so handsome and so worried. She hated to deceive him. He noticed that she was bouncing her legs non-stop (and noticed, too, that she wasn't wearing pants or even a bra). "What's going on?" he demanded. "What's the emergency?"Without thinking, she kissed his chapped lips. They were cold, almost as cold as his nose when it brushed against her cheek. She moaned into his mouth and, for a blessed moment, he melted against her. Then he reeled back in blinking confusion. "Sis?""You won't believe this," she said. "I can't explain it. Something about that spring out back. did something to us.""Are you sick?"She continued to bounce on her toes. Her body parts so tender that they begged to be touched. She ached. It made every moment without a man inside her a painful tease. "Maybe," she said huskily. "We're horny, Don."He choked. "W-what?"She laced her fingers through his curls. "We're horny," she said. The word broke from her in something like a sob. She had to take a deep breath before she continued. "We're so horny," she said. "We--they need you.""Who?" he said."Don?" It was Sara's voice. They could hear her bare feet padding on the hardwood and looked up to see her leaning over the upstairs bannister. "Get up here," she purred. The girl was completely nude, and was soon joined by Stephanie--also nude, also with that wicked gleam in her eye. The taller girl draped her arm over Sara's shoulder. "Yeah, Don," she said. "Get up here and show me that big thing you've been keeping from me."Don gaped at the cheerleaders. With slurred speech and dazed eyes, he struggled to return his attention to his sister. "Uhhhh?"Marissa willed herself not to jump his beautiful bones. Maybe that was why she could resist the spring's power better than the others, because her longing for Donald wasn't new. It had lingered in her, secretly, for years. She had grown accustomed to suppressing it. "Please," she said. "I think, maybe, if you can make them..." She closed her eyes and pushed herself to say the word, "...climax, it will help."Don stared at her. "But what about you?"
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