Home Alone

Autor: Randi Stepp

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

He always liked teasing her.It used to be hair pulling. It’s grown into much more. Julia and Bao are back under the same roof again. The teasing is unbearable, but tonight is different. When does teasing turn into foreplay?Bao is done playing around. It’s perfect timing to get everything he wants. He wants to have her begging for him to take her front and back.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~The note had her name printed in large, bold man’s handwriting. She unfolded it and read:Take your shirt and skirt off. Slowly.Her phone dinged.I’m watching from the top of the stairs. Don’t look. I want a peep show.He was teasing. She couldn’t stand it when he teased. It turned her on. Her sex swelled. He was so close, watching her, wanting her to strip for him. It was different this time. A tease was only foreplay if she got what she wanted in the end.Her smartphone lit up.You want to touch yourself, don’t you?She let her phone lay on counter. She wanted to look…to see him there at the top of the stairs, bare chested with his sexy as hell pecs and six pack, and ready for her. She wouldn’t look. No. Not tonight. She could play along. Tonight wasn’t a tease…it was foreplay. She set down her sweet red and kept her back to the stairs. She knew he was watching. She could feel his eyes on her. It spread a warmth down into her sex. She pulled her shirt up, exposing her hips, the sexy tattoo on her back, the black lace bra. She pulled the shirt over her head and let it drop. She lingered a moment. She knew Bao loved that tattoo. She took a sip of her wine, imagining him getting hard, imagining him reaching down and rubbing himself.She stepped out of her heels. She was getting horny. Her sex swelled while the music and the wine relaxed her. She slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her skirt and rocked her hips back and forth in slow rhythm to work the fabric from around her plump ass. The cotton slipped down her thighs and she kicked, sending the garment skidding across the tile floor.You are so sexy. That body is beautiful.It felt so good to be standing in her bra and panties and to know that Bao’s eyes were one her…appreciating every inch of her luscious body. Standing there in her panties…Bao watching…she couldn’t help but touch herself.Her free hand moved from her wine to her phone. Her courage and her passion was stoked. I’m wet. I’m thinking about you inside me. Filling me.Come upstairs.Her heart rose to her throat. Julia turned. He was gone. All she could see was a glow from the top of the steps. Her eye caught a red trail. Petals. More carnations. They led up the stairs, toward the light, toward the music. Toward Bao.I’m waiting for you. I'm hard.She leaned against the counter, letting it take her weight. Bao waited for her. He could wait a moment longer. Are you touching yourself? I am.
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