Lights, Camera, Mom!

Autor: Laura Lovecraft

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

A unique full length incest novel from The Mistress of the Taboo, Laura Lovecraft!In the 90's Mary, aka Molly Minx', was one of porn's hottest stars. Then she met James, fell in love and quit the industry. Mary had never been happier, a man who adored her and an amazing son to be proud of. But when James takes ill and passes away Mary, desperate to keep her home and her son Paul in college, returns to the only career she ever knew, a porn star. Now a milf, Molly Minx is once again making a name for herself, but now in the role of a mother in a series of incest movies.Mary isn't thrilled with the roles and what they represent, especially as she has a son, but they pay well and she finds she is disturbingly good at them. Good not just at the sex, but conveying affection in the romantic mother son scenes. Making things worse, she is beginning to feel as if she is living one of the scripts. Paul seems to be getting closer and closer to her and worse? She finds she enjoys his attention a bit too much. Mary figures she is letting the guilt and stress get to her and there's nothing there.In her mind the biggest concern is Paul finding her movies and discovering who she is. When he does Mary finds there is an even bigger problem; Paul has known who she is since before her return, having found her old movies in his father's office. Worse? Not only does he know who his mother is and what she does, but he is her biggest fan.Paul is convinced Mary is filming those movies to show him how much she wants her son. Mary tells him he's wrong, but is he?
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