Sex Lust and Romance Boxed Set (Love Triangle Lost Love Break Up Cheating Wife Husband Cuckold Escort Period Girlfriend Boyfriend Promiscuous Bedro...

Autor: Abigail Aaker

Wydawnictwo: MidCastle Publishing

Sex Lust and Romance Boxed Set (Love Triangle Lost Love Break Up Cheating Wife Husband Cuckold Escort Period Girlfriend Boyfriend Promiscuous Bedroom Extramarital Beauty Office Club Romance Suspense)1. Making Love to My Busty Gym Instructor (One Night Stand)While making love to his girlfriend Suzy, Jack can’t stop thinking about his busty gym instructor, Sharon. When Suzy ends their relationship, Jack is now free to sleep with Sharon. He doesn’t have to pursue her at all. She enters the shower at the gym while he is in there and begs him to make love to her.2. A Pretty Escort (Escort Sex for Money Romance)Patrick is walking home after a long shift at work when a pretty escort night asks him if he is interested in having a night full of passion… for a fee of course.3. Love on My Period (Period Girlfriend Boyfriend Romance)When Nadine’s boyfriend Kirk calls her and asks to see her urgently, she knows what he wants... Nadine is on her period and she hates making love during that time of the month. However, Kirk makes her incredibly excited and she soon finds herself begging him to make love to her!4. Love Triangle (Love Triangle Coworker Boss Cheating Boyfriend Girlfriend Romance)Helen has managed to resist her boss, Roy Thompson, for some time. She is in love with another man, Mark, who is also an employee at the company.When she walks in on her boyfriend Mark making love to his personal assistant in his office, she is heartbroken.She then runs into her boss’s office and begs him to make love to her.5. The Promiscuous Coworker (Coworker Promiscuous Office Romance)Frank is waiting at the reception of the building where he is supposed to start a new job when Gina greets him. She introduces herself to him and asks him to follow her. She is going to show him to his desk.As they chat away, she lets him in on a little secret: she has slept with nearly all her male coworkers.In the elevator on their way to the tenth floor, she tells Frank that he has barely a few minutes to sleep with her… that is, if he is interested.6. My Long Lost Love (Lost Love Break up Cheating Wife Cuckold Romance)Two former lovers Angela and Steve, meet up ten years after they broke up. Angela is married while Steve is recently divorced. Angela soon finds herself in Steve's house where they make love for hours, just as they used to do when they were at university. 7. Sex and Romance with Mrs. Stone (Cheating Wife Cuckold Office Promiscuous Romance) Mrs. Stone is the very promiscuous wife of Kevin's boss. Kevin is alone with her in the office one day when she pulls up her skirt and openly starts playing with herself. Although Kevin is worried that someone would walk in on them, he gives in to Mrs. Stone's demands and he makes love to her on his desk.8. Love in the Bedroom (Bedroom Marital Romance)One morning, a few hours before Marc is due to fly out of the country on a business trip; he enjoys passionate love making with his wife Cathy.9. The Beautiful Lady in Red (French Beauty Club One Night Stand Romance)When Rick meets a lady in red (a French lady called Chantal) in the X club, he is immediately smitten. A few drinks later, they are on the sofa in his living room having what Rick would call the best love making of his life.10. Lady Escort (Cheating Husband One Night Stand Escort Romance)Glen is very disappointed when his girlfriend refuses to make love to him even though she had earlier promised to do exactly that. He is too horny and leaves the house in search of an escort to satisfy him.
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