Disciplined For Her Sins

Autor: Anna Austin

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Annie is an orphan, innocent in the ways of the world until she embarks on a dangerous and sinful affair with the enigmatic Dr Thorn, headmaster of Bleakcroft orphanage. Together, they explore the boundaries of pleasure and pain, desire and lust, spanking and submission.Will Annie embrace the sin inside her? Or will Dr Thorn's dark desires corrupt them both? =||=Disciplined For Her SinsAnnie is eighteen, and an orphan. Living out her days in the dismal surrounds of Bleakcroft Orphanage, she dreams that her Prince Charming will one day come to her rescue.But as her dreams turn into bed-time fantasies, she is caught in the midst of sinning. Dragged from her bed, she is taken before the forbidding Dr Thorn for punishment.What form will his discipline take? Will he satisfy himself with merely spanking her, or will he take his discipline even further? And what will Annie do when she discovers that sometimes, there is a thin line between pleasure and pain?Disciplined For His PleasureThree weeks have passed since eighteen year old orphan Annie began a sultry affair with Dr Thorn, the cruel and forbidding Headmaster of Bleakcroft, and Annie's mind is still full of memories of sweet pleasure and even sweeter pain.Now though, she must decide - should she continue down a path of sin, or forsake wickedness and embrace virtue? But how can she resist temptation when the forbidden fruits are the sweetest?Then, appearing before the Headmaster once more, he makes her an offer she cannot refuse...Disciplining Her ForeverAnnie is an orphan, but she has finally escaped the hated orphanage. Instead, she has been taken into the service of the commanding Dr Thorn, her former headmaster, and now lover. But Annie knows that he has taken her into his home on one condition - that they continue their experiments into the nature of pleasure and pain.Locked into an infernal machine of the Doctor's own devising, gagged and blindfolded, Annie must decide whether her desire is the match for his depravity, or whether this time, his sadism has gone too far...
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