Daddy The Rough Lumberjack

Autor: Inc. Taboo

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

I can see him through my window right now, his top off as he cuts wood in our back garden. Mom’s out and someone’s gotta fix him some lunch. Little does Daddy know I plan on fixing a lot more than that! I don’t know what came over me, but seeing him all sweaty and topless sparked something inside me. I can’t believe I’m going to do this…but I think I’m going to have sex with my Daddy!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~It was the day I noticed just how hot my own Daddy was and the day we both did something very, very naughty indeed.I was doing the dishes to begin with as Mom was out for the weekend and someone’s gotta look after the place. I liked to look after Daddy too, in the little ways that I could. He could look after himself, sure, but it kind of made our relationship special if I did little things for him every now and then.I was at the sink watching him in the backyard when it first came over me. I was nineteen and on a break from college and I guess I’d just kind of kept my feelings dormant for however long.As I pushed the soapy suds around the water and watched him my mind began to wonder. He was topless, the hot sun beating down on his rippled and sweat-dappled muscles as he powerfully cut through the wood pile from our yard.He was perfectly hairy, Daddy. He had just the right amount on his chest and stomach, sitting on top of his powerful pecs and down to his washboard abs. Daddy worked out and the effort he put in as a lumberjack, swinging that big thing around, sure made the difference. He had the body of a twenty year old, despite his forty years.
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