My Son's Special Appointment

Autor: Alexi Fall

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Jacob is finally becoming a man, and his mother Ana couldn’t be more excited. But in the town of White Hills, there is an important rite of passage all young men must go through before mothers can take full advantage of their manhood. Boys must see the famous Dr. Saville, who will determine if they are a ‘stud’ or a ‘dud.’ Will Jacob pass all of Dr. Saville’s tests? Or will the tests quash Ana’s hopes and dreams of having a stallion for a son?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Dr. Saville bent her knees in front of her patient as he took another mouthful of water. Jacob’s face contorted in sudden shock as the doctor gripped his package in one hand and took a measuring tape from her pocket with the other.“H-hey!” he protested, but Dr. Saville quickly swatted him on the backside. “Don’t move, young man.” She laid the measuring tape along the length of his soft shaft and had a good, long look. “Three-point-five inches, flaccid.” She then proceeded to wrap the measuring tape around his scrotum. “Scrotal circumference: four-point-seven inches.”“Got it.” Nurse Tammy noted down the numbers and then found the stopwatch app on her cell.Dr. Saville wasted no time. “Now, I want you to stay perfectly still, Jacob, while I administer the next test.”Her lips parted wide as her mouth engulfed Jacob’s cock.Jacob’s own mouth fell comically open. He seemed to have no clue what the good doctor was doing. His face turned even redder, making his darker freckles stand out the more. He looked up at Tammy, his eyes imploring her to make sense of what was going on. The girl felt a pang of pity, understanding how confusing this all must be. The naïve ones always get me, she thought. But Saville was the doctor here – she knew what she was doing.And Tammy wasn’t about to interfere with what would soon happen, after the preliminary measurements were taken.
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