Sharing A Dark Desire

Autor: Mena Thrace

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Two strapping demons. One little ol' her. Oh, whatever shall Exorcist Eve do?Eve's newest job involves double the trouble, double the fun; not that she's the least bit bothered by the surplus of pleasure.There's enough Eve to go around and heaven knows she's never been one to back down from a challenge, no matter how big the test may prove.Eve's been sleeping on the job again... What will happen to her when she awakes to find herself outnumbered and bound for the most deliciously dark night yet?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“Come now, darlings. Stop being shy. I know you like your little show but it’s not nice to keep a lady waiting.” She cajoled her sweet captors as she glanced around her once more. She could not see them but could sense their energies. They had not yet fully manifested to her reality but she could tell they wanted to.She began to yank and pull at her bindings, twisting her supple body as she offered them a reason to fully manifest and give her a real good reason to squirm. She arched her back and let out a long soft moan, biting her lower lip as her head dropped back and her eyes closed. Just thinking of what the lascivious beings could have in store for her made her quiver and grow wetter.It didn’t take long. They weren’t the most patient creatures, after all. The only thing in the room more impatient than the demons was the awakened exorcist. It had been a few days since her last assignment and she craved a good supernatural screwing like she hadn’t had one in years.“Come on, big boys.” She could sense the energies of at least two demonic forces swirling in the shadows around her; she licked her lips at the thought of being sandwiched between the inhumanly strong and greedy demons.Demons truly did know how to make a girl feel wanted.“Impatient little girl.” The first demon’s whisper came from behind her as he took form amidst the darkness. His deep gravelly tone worked a shiver through her that she felt all the way to her toes...but that one was nothing compared to the one that went through her as his large hands captured her hips.She grinned.“It is your lucky night, exorcist…” The second whispered as he stepped from the shadows before her.“You’re telling me.” Eve smirked as the first demon pressed himself up against her back, his solid grip on her tightening when she pushed back against him. He chuckled. Such a self-assured little thing... He felt confident he and the other could make her beg for release before the night had faded into day.The demon she could see had the kind of perfect chiseled physique most mortal men would sell their souls for. Wide chest and broad shoulders; muscular arms and powerful legs. Demons were taller and generally larger than even the luckier of mortal males.More for her to love.She had no doubt the demon at her back would be just as pleasing and terrible in his perfect masculine beauty.“By the end of this you will know your rightful place in the world.” The demon in her view approached her and gripped her chin tightly as he lowered his face to hers. He had full pouty lips and the kind of crimson eyes that made her weak in the knees...but not for the usual reasons. She’d had one of the most heavenly nights of her existence with a demon that came to her with crimson eyes. He’d truly been a special creature. She still thought of him occasionally as she pleasured herself.“On your knees and begging.” He grinned at her, his sharp fangs flashing in the dim light and the giddy exorcist let out a small laugh as the demon behind her slid his hand down her bare back.“If you give me something worthwhile to beg for I’m sure I won’t mind.” She whispered as he leaned in closer still and stared deep into her eyes.
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