Every Dog Has Its Day

Autor: Laura Lovecraft

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

It’s October, and a serial killer is stalking the unfaithful. Dubbed ‘Bad Kitty’ by the press, she seduces married men at Halloween parties and, using their lust, lures them to their deaths.Detective Josh Wilson is not only the lead detective on the case, but because of his adulterous nature, is also her chosen prey. Along with his partner Matt Dennings, Josh discovers that Bad Kitty is a schizophrenic with two distinct personalities. One is a childlike girl named Kitty who is harmless, but the other, Sophia, is a stone-cold killer hell-bent on protecting her Kitty and the woman whose body they share. While also contending with his wife Sheri and their failing marriage, Josh closes in on Bad Kitty and, after a near miss that almost costs him his life, they discover where she will strike next.It’s Halloween, and Josh and Matt are at one of the biggest parties of the year. They’re convinced they will catch their cat, but Sophia and Kitty have other plans, and that's to show Josh that sooner or later Every Dog Has Its Day!
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