Forbidden Rapture

Autor: James Lucien

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONForbidden Rapture is a supernatural-western erotica novella. A dark and depraved paranormal tale of manipulative magick, lascivious copulation, and haunting creatures in the Wild West. A wrangler entangled in a lover’s quarrel with his employer’s young daughter is enraptured by a sexy gunslinger, who is more than she appears and is hunted by a wickedness that threatens the entire town.EXCERPTJoey feels as light as one of the continuously snowing black feathers. “How ya gonna do that, Mama? Ya gonna re-baptist me? That why ya taking off all my clothes?”“Yes, darling.” She pulls off Joey’s boots, then yanks down her shorts, unveiling her baby-blue cotton panties. “But not how it’s done in the Bible.”Joey feels as though she is melting into bliss as her mother wraps her arms and wings around her, and kisses her mouth, slipping her hot tongue between her lips. Joey fondles her mother’s heavy breasts, then sinks down and gently sucks each amber nipple.Something rigid presses against her belly. Bella grips her shoulders and pushes her down onto her knees, and the something rigid presses against her lips. “Tell Mama ya wanna suck on her big fat cock.”Joey opens her eyes lazily, as Belle folds in her dark wings. She’s unconsciously aware that her brothers are ducked down in the nearby stall, both of them stroking themselves as they watch. “Oh Mama, I wanna suck ya big fat cock more than anything.”Belle clutches the base of Joey’s braided ponytail with both hands. “Now open wide for Mama.” And then she shoves her oversized, girthy prick into Joey’s mouth until it strikes the back of her throat.Joey’s eyes roll back and she gags and gulps, strenuously striving to swallow her mother’s jabbing meat, as Bella thrusts her hips, humping her mouth. Every time she manages to get it down her gullet, Bella pulls it out, only to drive it right back in, over and over again.Finally, Bella quits cramming it down her throat and tugs it hard, until she howls as hot gunk splatters between Joey’s eyes and into her mouth. She hears her brothers grunting at the same moment.Bella calls, “Come here boys.”In unison, they shout, “Yes, Mama!” And they hurry over with their dicks swinging from their open trousers. They’re good looking boys. All lean muscle from working the farm. With dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes.Bella kisses Casey full on the mouth while tugging his pecker until he’s stiff as a board. She then does the same with Jesse. “Now give ya sister some sugar.”Casey’s the same height as Joey, but Jesse’s a foot taller. She kisses Casey, and he sucks the goo off her tongue as she pulls on his erection. Using her other hand, Joey tugs on Jesse’s prick as he licks the spunk from her forehead.Joey goes back and forth between her brothers, kissing them with lustful vigor, sucking their tongues as she jerks their dongs, while they fondle her small breasts, grope her apple bottom, and slip their hands into her panties to caress her sensitive nub, probe her virgin fissure, and worm fingers into her tight pink star.She begins to understand what her mother said about heaven and hell being the same place, as she experiences great pleasure in this sinful act with her brothers, and craves much more. I wanna lick their balls, suck their cocks, and drink their cum! I want them inside me, both of them at once! Lord, what has become of me?
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