Daddy the Mechanic

Autor: Inc. Taboo

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Lacey heads into the garage to ask if Daddy wants a drink. When she walks in her Daddy is way underneath the car, fixing something on his back and mistakes her for her Mother. Feeling more than a little naughty at the sight of her Daddy blinded beneath the car, Lacey decides to use the misunderstanding to her advantage and sate a long held desire to enjoy her Daddy's package.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~It all started around ten minutes earlier. Mom was out of the house and I was lazing around, enjoying my break from college and I thought it'd be nice to see if Daddy wanted something to drink. He was fixing his pride and joy in the garage and had been for the last couple of hours. I guess he had no idea Mom was out of the house.Well, when I walked in on him, seeing his legs and lower half dangling out from beneath the car the strangest sensation came over me. Seeing him framed there without seeing his face kind of removed the taboo a little, d'you know what I mean?It was like I could be looking at anyone's body, and Daddy's body was hot. I could see just underneath his t-shirt as he wriggle beneath the car, fixing some nut or screwing in some damn thing.And the longer I looked, the more turned on I became. Suddenly I was noticing the bulge of his jeans and his strong, muscled thighs. I was having thoughts a young girl really shouldn't having about her own father and I just couldn't stop them.I stayed there in silence, watching him for a few minutes before my attention turned to my own body. I didn't even notice it start, but at some point my pussy had begun salivating and my nipples had risen beneath my short summer skirt."Do you mind fixing me a drink, Darlene, sugar," came Daddy's gruff voice from beneath the car. He must have seen my legs. Darlene was my Mom's name and in that instant it struck me he had no idea it was his own daughter standing there. I slapped a hand to my mouth and released it slowly, trying not to let out a peep and curling my soft blonde locks back over my ear.I moved a step closer to him, inching ever nearer to those legs of his that shot out from beneath the front side of the car."Darlene, did you hear me?" he called again.I knew I had to act fast. Soon the game would be up and Daddy would be curious as to why no-one was answering him back. I had to act quickly.I dropped to my knees near his feet and peered beneath the car, he was concentrating hard on something, and I was concentrating pretty damned hard on something else.My hand seemed to move all on its own and I watched it as though I were a bystander. It started at around knee height and smoothed its way up towards his tight package.
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