But I'm Your Teen Sister, You Perv! - Part 2

Autor: Elizabeth Thorn

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Cynthia can't believe the things she is willing to do to have sex.Especially not when it turns out that they aren't alone in the forest.Under the watchful eyes of strangers, she further defrosts as Marty leads her into unknown territory.A territory of the teenager's psyche and biology that shows the bookworm is ready and willing to do things she never even dared to imagine, let alone do with Marty.Things that help forge a bond between the two that will ensure the horny teenager's life will never be quite the same again, a good hard banging tends to have that effect on a girl.Of course, only after Marty first lays her innocence to waste, stretching her out to the point of bursting.A hard, ruthless banging that leaves the horny and reluctant teen secretly wanting for more, but Cynthia will be damned to hell and back before she'll admit as much. Good thing then that Marty isn't one to be easily discouraged.After their coupling, Cynthia is eager to pretend nothing happened and demands Marty takes them home, unaware of what Marty has in mind.Something hard, rough, and with her home in plain view.Exhilarated, sizzling hot, and the start of a new era for the not only the horny teen but her mother as well.
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