Humiliating My Cocky Son 1

Autor: Jade Summers

Wydawnictwo: Dark Dreams

Travis gets his girlfriend pregnant and gives his mom a cocky attitude when she confronts him about it. His mom decides to teach him a lesson he won’t forget by humiliating him in a pair of sheer women’s panties and a vibrating butt plug. Then she tortures him by withholding his need for release until he agrees to her demands.Author's Note: Humiliating My Cocky Son is also published in a different format under the title Humiliating My Cheating Husband by Jackie McNabExcerpt:"Oh God!" he moaned, grabbing his cock and stroking it."Not yet," I said as I pulled his hand away. "You don't get to come yet."I put my hands on his thighs and pushed them forward so that they were on either side of his chest and his ass was in the air. I watched him squirm as deep, sexy moans came out of his throat while the vibrating plug massaged his prostate. His cock was flexing over and over like it was begging to be touched.I pulled a piece of string out of my pocket and wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. When I touched it, his cock jerked and spurted another drip of pre-cum. His cock was so thick and smooth and I wanted to fill my mouth with it, but I had to wait. He wouldn’t learn his lesson if I let him come so quick.I pulled the string tight and tied it in a slip knot. Travis groaned even louder when he felt the tension around the base of his cock. He was wriggling around and lifting his ass even higher off the bed like he was trying to thrust it into something to relieve the build-up inside it. His cock stood up even higher in the air and became even thicker and longer before my very eyes.
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