He's Having My Virginity

Autor: Candi Desires

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

WILL HE REALLY BE HER FIRST?When Eric is around Alejandra, he finds it hard to concentrate. He's an experienced older man and he wants to be with Alejandra. And as a younger woman, Alejandra knows she's got to do it for the first time with someone. And she wants it to be him!You know you want it!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~For some reason, Eric feels really awake.He's sitting on the couch at the end of a long day, watching a movie with his friend's 18-year old daughter Alejandra. He doesn't know why he feels so energized, but he does.Alejandra's been paying attention to the movie, but to be honest she's not very impressed by it. She feels like she knows what's going to happen already, even before it's happened. She breathes a deep sigh and lets it out."Mm," Alejandra squirms around on the couch. She gets up and Eric pauses the movie as she does."What's up?" he asks."I'm uncomfortable," she says, rearranging the cushions. Eric gets up too and gives her a hand, and when it's all ready they straighten up."There," he says to her. "That better?"Alejandra looks up into her buddy's eyes, and for some reason he sees something there that wasn't there before."I guess we'll just have to find out now, won't we?" she asks, giving him a sultry smile.Eric looks down at his friend's daughter and Alejandra looks back up at him. She feels thick waves of horniness flowing through her, not stopping, making her desire him so hard it's a challenge not to just reach down, grabbing onto his tool and rubbing it right here and now."Hey Eric," Alejandra says to her buddy. "I want to tell you something.""What's that, honey?" Eric says.Alejandra takes a breath and lets it out."I want to have a baby," she says, and Eric blinks down at his friend's daughter. "I've been thinking about it for a long time and I want to have a baby.""Wow," Eric says. "That's quite a decision.""I know," Alejandra says, looking up at him. "And now all I need is for someone to be the father."
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