Boys Will Be Boys

Autor: Silvergray

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Boys WILL be boys, and when they get horny, many young men will reach for the nearest nubile woman they can find--even if she's immediate family. All twelve of these stories are straight male-oriented, and all but two are incest...sometimes with an extra helping of family orgy and a tiny bit of bi fun. If you want alpha male action, you'll find plenty here, too!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~As a single mother, I'd had to be strong-willed to raise two children through their teen years to adulthood. It would have been easier with their father, but I'd had to kick him out when they were younger. I still loved him and missed his strong body and keen mind, but I'd caught him deliberately exposing himself to our daughter Camilla, ordering her to fellate him. I burst in just as she reached for him, open-mouthed... and he had to go. A few threats to call the police and take him for everything we had, and he was out the door and living in Colorado. We divorced soon after.I later learned he'd approached our son with the same offer first, but Cameron had smacked him in the crotch with his hockey stick. At least Collin was honorable enough to take a definite NO for an answer. Cameron told me, much later, "I was going to take a chunk out of him with my teeth, but I changed my mind. I wasn't that offended." We never spoke of it again, though I had to wonder what he meant by that.Camilla grew into a little doll, barely five feet tall, with skin like pink Dalton china and ink-black hair. When she wore skirts, she was a real head-turner. She was a free spirit who would happily have gone nude, I think, and I had to remind her about wearing underpants more than once. I also began to wonder just how willing she'd been back when her Dad had made his "offer."Cameron grew into a bookish version of his father: Tall, muscular without really trying, auburn-haired, and glasses. He was very much his father's son, though he was more interested in computers, science fiction, and gaming than women until his senior year. Then he started playing football and dating -- a lot. I even saw him eyeing his sister when she was home from college, and I'm pretty sure he was sneaking glances at me whenever he could. I was getting as much as I needed from my boyfriends, but it felt nice to be ogled by such a young guy, even if he was my boy.
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