Trapped With Sister

Autor: R. Richard

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONI always loved hearing my sister confess the dirty details of her job. She had to strip nude, dance all sexy until the customers were satisfied. What I yearned to hear most though were the details of what went on in the back room. You know, where my sister had disgustingly depraved sex with strangers. Sis liked sex, got off on the immorality of it, but she loved incestuous sex with me most.EXCERPTWe get home. We have supper and wind down from the night. We then have a sex session. We're working through several sexual positions, so that Sis can use them with Roadhouse clients, if need be. The current position is ride 'em cowgirl.Sis gets on top of me and puts my hard cock into her wet pussy. She then rocks back and forth, as she grips my cock with her internal muscles. She leans a long way forward and then not so far back. She starts out at a moderate pace and then gets into full gallop. I'm supporting Sis with my hands on her rib cage, but I don't work on her tits, so that she doesn't climax too quickly. As Sis increases her pace I can feel the tension build and then Sis climaxes, drawing me along. Sis then kind of slides off me and lies beside me, sighing in the aftermath of her release. We then get cleaned up and sleep through the day.At breakfast the next afternoon, Sis tells me, “You know, this relationship that we have is very dangerous for me.”“Do you mean because we're bonding as lovers, rather than brother and sister?”Sis says, “Well, there's no future for us as lovers, I mean no long term future.”“Sis, we have to work together to get out of the trap we find ourselves in. It's gonna take both of us to escape. Once we get the necessary money, we have to disappear. It's gonna be tough for you to disappear. The Roadhouse people have photos of you. You can't really appear in public, at least not much. Thus, I have to be your lifeline. We have to live together, for some time. How else, other than as lovers?”Sis thinks for bit and then says, “It sounds like I'm to be your sex slave.”“Well, pampered pleasure slave, maybe. However, if they find you, they find me. Thus, we have to live a very private life.”Sis is very suspicious, “Exactly what kind of private life?”“You'll have to workout, to keep in the kind of shape that you need to attract the husband that you'll want. You'll need voice lessons, via the Internet. You'll talk with other ladies, via the Internet. Your ex-husband is searching for you, he's insane and wants to kill you, thus you can't tell anybody anything about where you are.”Sis relaxes a bit and says, “That takes care of me, what about you?”“I have to learn how to earn a living. I study stock trading, including running an imaginary portfolio, while I learn. I also need to maybe gain some cooth. You gonna tutor me there. I buy groceries and whatever, so that you can stay out of sight.”Sis thinks things over and then says, “So, I get to fuck your brains out, night by night, while we hide.”“I train you, so that when you find the guy that you want, he'll think that you invented sex. You'll train me, so that I can completely dominate the lady that I want. It works both ways.”Sis says, “Okay, we hide. When we quit hiding, I'm still Alice Foley and you're still James Foley. Even if we get plastic surgery, they can still find us.”
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