A Father Daughter Incest Mega-Bundle

Autor: Veronica Sloan

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION11-Pack: Can you handle this much taboo? The father daughter mega-bundle collects 11 tales of illicit romance. Whether it's naughty daughters seducing their daddies or horny fathers submitting to their most forbidden desires, this deliciously dirty anthology is all about keeping it in the family!EXCERPTJim bent her over the couch, where this had all started, and he whipped her wet dress over her thick ass. "How dare you bring that trash into my home," he growled into her ear. "I'm going to punish you, you naughty girl. And you're going to take it."Yes, here was where it all started, Jim thought, with me reading the paper and my princess falling out of her shirt and asking about whores. "You want to act like a whore," he muttered. "Daddy's going to make you his little whore.""Yes, sir," Angela whispered."This is the last time you embarrass this family," he said. "Get on your knees, young lady."He didn't know if Rhonda was still awake upstairs. Right now, he didn't care, and he knew Angela didn't give a damn.He pressed his daughter's shoulder until she winced, and then she went down with him, onto her knees. The thunder crashed and lightning illuminated the house. Jim slid Angel's dress higher, over her back, and then pushed until she fell onto her hands."Honey?" his wife called from upstairs, barely audible over the wind and rain. "Is everything all right?""Yes!" he called up, his fingers squeezing his daughter's pussy through her wet panties."Did Angie leave with that boy?""No, mom!" Angela called up, her voice tremulous as her father pinched her clitoris. "Daddy and I are- w-we're just talking!""We're just taking care of it now," Jim yelled over her. "Go back to bed." He unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down to his knees. He pulled his boxers down his thighs. His stiff prick stood straight up, like a red bolt of lightning, sizzling hot. He gave his daughter a solid whack on her ass cheek. She grunted but kept her head down."Daddy?" she said. "How are you going to punish me this time?""The only way you should be punished." He grabbed her panties and forced them down her thighs. He kept them at the midway point so that they kept her legs tightly bound in place. Another crack of thunder and he spanked her harder. Angela let out an erotic moan."Ahn. Daddy. Daddy, I'm your princess.""What was that?" Rhonda called down."I was scared of the lightning, mom!" Angela called up. "I'm going to bed now!"Jim licked his palm and slathered it against his daughter's exposed vagina. She let out a shocked moan, then eagerly submitted to it, rubbing her pussy against his fingers, letting them disappear inside her. "Have I been a bad girl?" she groaned."You're a dirty little cocktease is what you are.""Yes," she groaned, pumping herself back and forth on his fingers. "Yes, Daddy, whatever you say.""Now take your punishment." He pulled his fingers out, gripped her thick buttocks, and eased his cockhead between his daughter's luscious curtain. The thunder roared, lightning flashed, and he hoped to God that wasn't the sound of his wife coming down the stairs.Angela was tight. She was so tight he didn't know if he would fit. But she was so Goddamned wet. He took her slowly.
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