Forbidden Family Sex Vol. III

Autor: Trisha Treat

Wydawnictwo: TT Books

4 stories of young women learning all about sex from those closest to them - the men in their families! Taboo tales of daddy-daughter, brother-sister, uncle-niece, and even sex with grandpa.Bundle Includes:Gangbanged By My Daddy's Band - When 18 year old Candy gets brought along to watch her Daddy's rock band practice, all the guys take an instant liking to her- which is exactly what she was hoping for. They all start drinking, and when the band plays, Candy decides to dance for them, which quickly turns into a strip tease and a gangbang that even her Daddy doesn't sit out on.Daddy Paid Me to Fuck My Brother - Kayla's older brother just returned from the military and has feeling down. When her Dad propositions her to make him feel better by giving him what a man needs, she agrees to the deal. To her surprise, she enjoys herself more than she ever thought she would.Daddy Drinks My Milk - It was my first time seeing Daddy since I started breastfeeding, and he wouldn't quit staring at my boobs. When Daddy started to put his hands on me, rubbing my back sensually and telling me I was beautiful, I realized how much I missed having a man's touch. Before I knew it, Daddy was getting his thirst quenched in more ways than one.Gangbanged at my Family Reunion - Suzi is excited that this is her first family reunion as an adult- that means her Dad and uncles will finally let her drink beer with them! As soon as they arrive at the gathering, all of the men in the family take notice that Suzi has grown into her body, and she just loves the attention! Soon the reunion turns into an orgy where every man in the family gets a turn with Suzi.
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