Stepbrother: Hot and Heavy

Autor: Scarlet Smith

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Mel is 23 years old. And she's never been with a man. Tonight, she's going to do something about it. That's what the internet is for, right? Quick, guilt free hook-ups. It doesn't take long for her to find a man who's more than willing to relieve her of her innocence. And if he resembles her hot stepbrother Jesse? Then all the better. But Mel is in for a surprise. Turns out that her online mystery man bears more than a passing resemblance to Jesse…and that he can't contain his taboo desire for her! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ The message read - Hey, hot stuff. Wanna meet up? I clicked on his profile before replying. I'd hate to accept the first guy to write me, only to discover he was twice my age and overweight. My heart skipped a beat - the name on the profile read Jesse. Obviously it wasn't actually him, but this had to be something of a sign, right? Whatever god was up there wanted me to give this guy a chance. I scrolled through his pictures - no face, just his body. It was the sort of body you'd see in magazines, completely toned and completely tanned to perfection. I had to actively keep myself from drooling. This guy was definitely the one I wanted my first time to be with. Hurriedly, I flicked back to the messages screen and typed out a sloppy reply. Sure. Do you have time tonight?  I wrote, hoping that I didn't sound too eager. Yeah. I can meet you in about 30 minutes if you're free. Shit - thirty minutes? That was way too soon - did he want to meet at my place? I'd have to get it all clean first, plus I'd have to shower. I didn't want to scare him off, though. If he wanted to come in thirty minutes, then dammit, he was gonna come in thirty minutes. Sounds good. Where do you wanna meet? I typed, fingers slick with nervous sweat and sliding clumsily over my phone screen. Thank god for autocorrect. There's a hotel nearby. It says here that you're only 3 miles away from me, so you should be able to get to it no problem. I'll send you a link. I clicked the link, and it opened up a familiar site - The Prestige. It was the nicest hotel in my city, and I'd never stayed there before. It was pretty close by, and dammit if I was gonna waste my chance to stay in such a nice place with such a hot guy!
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