Corrupting The Bannings

Autor: E.r.o. Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONJay Cantrell is in lust with his neighbor’s gorgeous wife and their two totally hot daughters. His neighbor loses his job and his family is in great financial difficulties. Jay has just won a huge lottery amount and decides to help his friends out but only if they will do as he wants them to—making real a sexual fantasy he has had about them for years. He calls them all over to his house to make his indecent proposal to them.EXCERPTEmma took another deep breath and let it out. “I just went over to Jay’s house but he wasn’t home. Bob, I want to offer myself to know...sexually and totally. I want to make a deal with him so that, hopefully, he will accept me and let the rest of his perverted plan go.”Bob just looked at his wife. He wasn’t angry with her. He was surprised to find that he was proud of her. He shook his head. “I don’t think it will work,” was all he said.Emma got up and leaned down to give her husband a kiss on the lips. “But I have to try, Bob,” she said. “And if I can, you know, maybe get him to just pay off our mortgage, well, that would put us in a much better position until you find another job.“I can’t expect your blessings, Bob, but I hope deeply in my heart that you’ll understand that I would be doing it for the family.” She sat back down on the sofa.Bob nodded. “I know that, Emma, and yeah if you want to try that, you do have my blessings,” he said. Bob didn’t want to pimp his wife out any more than he wanted to pimp his daughters out. But who knew? Maybe, just maybe Jay would go for it, to just pay off the house for them. Emma was a very desirable woman after all. And it was only sex and for a very good cause. Yeah, he thought, I could live with it.Bob realized then that talking about his wife having sex with Jay was making his cock hard. It confused him but he didn’t want to analyze it. He wanted to take advantage of it. He stood up and pulled Emma up off the sofa and embraced her tightly and kissed her lightly on the lips.“Let’s go to the bedroom and make love,” he told Emma.Emma looked up at him surprised but then smiled. “But what about the girls? she asked. “I mean it’s the middle of the day.”Bob grinned. “They’ll respect our closed long as you don’t start screaming.”
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