My Man's Taking

Autor: Foxxy Gurl

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

"But…it's my first time," she says. He smiles. "I know."Everything in Grace's mind says that this is a bad idea. I mean, losing it for the first time to the man of the house? Of course, you never plan for these kinds of things. And when you don't plan, that's when things become hard and unprotected…This'll make your head spin!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Patrick breathes a sigh as Grace, his daughter, takes her time making her move.They're playing Risk, a recent addition to their post-dinner routine. Patrick likes the game, and it makes him wish more and more that he didn't have to go to work the next day.Grace picks up her piece and plays, nodding to her daddy and giving him a smile. She glances out the window at the darkness beyond. It's a late night for the two of them.Grace loves her daddy. Nothing could separate them, nothing could tear them apart. But she knows that it could be better. There's a way they could be closer, and even just considering it makes her chew her lower lip with apprehension. But Grace wants it. She knows she does. Even though she's still a virgin, Grace knows that she wants Patrick to be her first.Patrick's thinking about bareback sex. Not just bareback sex, but bareback sex with someone he knows. And not just bareback sex with someone he knows, but bareback sex with someone he knows that ends with them getting pregnant.And who has he been thinking about? The person he wants to bang without a condom so that his seed penetrates her womb and gives her a child? None other than his 18-year old daughter, Grace."Oh!" Patrick says, straightening up in his chair. "I just remembered, I forgot to lock the front door."So he gets up from the table, and so does Grace, using this as an excuse to give her body a stretch. Patrick goes to the front foyer and locks the door, and when he comes back to the game Grace's on her feet. He smiles as he walks up to her."Taking a break?" he asks."Yep," Grace says, smiling up at her daddy.Patrick feels a bit frustrated.He can't seem to keep his libido in check. Every time he looks at his little girl, every time he thinks about her, all he can think about is holding onto her, sliding his hard tool into her young little body, and banging her until he fills her full of his seed.But she's his daughter! He shouldn't be having thoughts like this! They're wrong!He's got to do something about it quick, though, otherwise he's going to explode.With Patrick so close to her, Grace can't help but think about what it would be like to feel his tool grow in her hand, feel him get hard and then to enter her, to take her virginity and bang her until she came, until they both came, where he would pump his hot seed deep inside of her, filling her with a baby."So have you been seeing anybody at school?" Patrick asks his daughter. But Grace shakes her head."No," she says, looking kind of down. "Nobody there interests me.""That's good," Patrick says, and Grace looks up at him. "Because I know I'd get pretty jealous of any guy who tries to take you."Grace stares at her daddy and he looks right back at her, both of their hearts beating hard in their chests.
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