Wow Mom

Autor: Dinkleberry

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Admit it, we’ve all thought about it. Most fantasize about the possibility, but how do you go from hope, wishes, and dreams to turning it into reality? If opportunity comes, can you make it happen? When Thomas’ mother tells him, “We need to talk,” he knows he has to seize the moment. Then when Steven learns of his mom’s secret, he wonders, ‘Is this my chance to become her lover?’ But how?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~“Thomas, I’m worried about you,” my mother started, startling me from my woolgathering. While I was daydreaming about her, I was surprised to discover, she had pulled out her chair and sat next to me. I noted, with surprise, her wine glass refilled. Besides her diminutive size, Mom wasn’t much of a drinker anyway. This evening after she got home as a treat, and somewhat an appetizer, I poured her a small glass of sherry for her while I prepared dinner. She sipped her sherry as she told me about her day and I finished cooking. Then as we dined, to compliment the pork chops we each enjoyed half a glass of a light chardonnay. To see her with another glass was unusual.“I don’t mean for this to be embarrassing or to make you uncomfortable,” she said softly and earnest. Reaching over, she took my left hand and held it in her right. I stared down at our hands together atop the table.“I’m telling you this because I love you and am concerned, okay?” she continued. Looking up into her wonderfully large dark eyes, I saw they expressed both love and concern. I nodded my head in understanding. Then lowering my eyes, my gaze happened to fall on the décolletage of her blouse and the delightful sight of her cleavage. I couldn’t help but be enchanted by the fact I saw hints of her bra through her thin blouse. I watched entranced when her body swayed with a feminine natural grace when she lifted her wine glass to take a sip. After placing the glass back down, she steeled her nerves.“It’s been over a year since you graduated high school and broke up with Maria,” Mom stated. “You haven’t had a girlfriend since. Have you even dated anyone?”Maria had been, somewhat, my high school sweetheart. Not so much because we were in love; instead, it was because we dated throughout most of our high school career. Maria and I began dating in our sophomore year and by our senior year settled into a comfortable, if unspectacular, relationship. After graduating, Maria and I mutually broke up. Accepted to Ohio State University while I would stay home and attend City College of New York, Maria and I separated without any acrimony or unneeded resentments.“Yeah, so?” I answered, feeling a bit defensive to my mother’s intrusive question. The truth was no, I hadn’t really dated anyone since high school. In a year’s time, I asked out two girls but both dates were duds. Still, I really didn’t think it was a big deal, nor something my mother should involve herself in.Mom took a sip from her wine before saying, “I love you and don’t want this be to awkward, embarrassing or uncomfortable…” and she paused. I looked up at her.“…But I know how you feel about me.”
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