Letters to Daddy

Autor: Alex Barton

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Zoë Green is a beautiful teenage girl who lives with her parents in Italy. Her father has to travel a lot for his work which means Zoë really misses him - and especially his great big cock which he sodomizes her with on a daily basis when he's home... So, just to show how much she's missing her beloved Daddy, Zoë writes him eight very explicit emails, each one filled with details of her adventures - with her mother, brother and even her dog, Rex!EXCERPT:Now what you might not be aware of because you’ve never actually watched them yourself, though you and I have talked about it often enough, usually when you’re about to empty your balls into my bowels and I’m whispering in your ear that I bet Nick’s got his cock in Mum exactly where yours is in me, is that Mum likes being submissive to my darling brother. She loves it when he takes charge which I know she doesn’t do with you. So if he urges her to her knees she’ll look up at him lovingly as she kneels and opens her mouth, not minding when he pushes his cock so far down her throat her nose is touching his hard belly. Anyway, that’s all I’m saying at the moment: you’ll have to take my word for it that’s what really turns Mum on when she’s having masses of incestuous sex with her little boy…Very quietly I move down the hall to where I hear soft grunts that are just like the ones you make when you’re lying on top of me, every inch of your cock buried in my back passage, kissing and biting the back of my neck and my shoulders, your fingers paddling in my cunt, and you flex your hips so you grind the head of your cock deep in my bowels and just let go in a huge, shuddering almost silent orgasm which is just so amazingly sexy because I love it when one of my girlfriends is sleeping over in the adjoining bed in my room and you sodomize me like that and we both have to try really hard not to cry out with pleasure as we climax so she wakes up and sees you lying naked on top of me.And there they are, on yours and Mum’s bed. Mum is on her back, a pillow pulled down to the middle of the bed so she can lie under Nick who’s on all fours, straddling her head, his huge cock pointing down and buried up to the balls in Mum’s suckling mouth. Mum has the fingers of both hands between her legs, masturbating herself as she sucks so it must be really good for her, if you know what I mean!And the grunting! Honestly, I had to stifle a laugh. Nick is trying not to shout out that he’s coming, but it’s obvious he is because the muscles in his buns suddenly tighten and he shudders with pleasure. God, Dad, I can almost taste him I’m so horny watching them... pumping out the contents of his balls into Mum’s mouth and down her throat. The lucky cow! He has to be careful he doesn’t choke her there’s so much sperm pouring from the head of his cock so he raises his hips a little to give her chance to breathe but she doesn’t seem to care: like me she’s a slut for hot, creamy cum and she just keeps swallowing, sliding her lips back a little and then sucking her son’s still-spurting prick back into her throat...
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