Riding Dazey's Train

Autor: Bo Dunne

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Dazey, a beautiful blonde, has a dream she has not fulfilled at 26 years old. She goes home to visit Mom and four younger brothers to make it come true. At her request, Mom takes them skinny dipping at a secluded riverbank. Out of sight from Mom, Dazey lays out on the riverbank and takes each of her four well-endowed brothers in turn.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Dazey drove into the familiar little streets of the trailer park she had called home until she left for college at eighteen years old. The night was warm but nearly dark by the time she parked outside the doublewide trailer where her mother and four younger brothers lived.Dazey walked up the home-made wooden steps to the porch at the front door. She wore a strapless yellow sundress, braless, with tight elastic around her massive boobs holding up the dress. The dress was snug around her waist, but short and loose at her thighs. The evening wind swirled up the hem. She hadn’t bothered with panties.Only one car was outside and the house dark, so she supposed her mom and three of her brothers were out. She wanted to surprise them, so she hadn’t told them she was coming. Since she had her own key, she let herself in. Her soft-soled white sandals made little noise.Inside, only the kitchen light was on. The room air conditioner was whirring and the temperature was comfortable. When she saw that a small light was on in the screened porch at the rear of the house, she went to the back door, expecting to surprise one of her brothers.Just before she opened the back door, she saw the youngest of her brothers, Dane, standing in front of the old porch couch. A girl named Gena, who would now be eighteen, Dazey calculated, was sitting on the couch.
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