Mind Controlled Milk Machine 3: Mind Control Hypnosis Dubcon Gangbang Anal Oral Cocksucking Face Fucking Tit Fucking

Autor: Jade Summers

Wydawnictwo: Dark Dreams

In part 3 Laura is bathed by three men, her body lathered up and used by them. Then she enters into the daily schedule of naked exercises in front of the male members of the exclusive organization. She questions where she is briefly but is content to be used, then fed and bathed by the men indefinitely. Mind Controlled Milk Machine 1&2 are also available on this site. Excerpt:The washing went on for a long time. Jonathan swirled the soap around my breasts, his hands slipping and sliding in hypnotic circles as he gently squeezed—which felt incredible. Occasionally he would gently push-up on my breasts, then let them fall back down so that the tension caused by the jiggling sent tingles throughout my body. Eventually, he stood up in front of me and pushed my breasts together, then slid his hard cock in between them. I watched as the thick, bulbous head pushed up in between the tight space that he made between my breasts. He moved his hips in and out, thrusting himself into my soapy cleavage, and as he picked up speed, I moved my hands up to hold my breasts together. When his hands were free, Jonathan gripped the edge of the bathtub behind me as he drove his cock harder and faster in between the pillowy softness of my breasts.Suddenly a long stream of cum squirted all over my neck and chin, and when I realized what was happening I open my mouth and caught some of the warm, thick fluid on my tongue.
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