Lust in the Moonlight: A Tale of Anthro Furry Erotica

Autor: Syndara Longfoot

Wydawnictwo: Wicked Fantasies

In an Alternate Universe, people evolved from all the different species of the animal kingdom. They lost most of their fur, but kept some animal features. Then they had to go and get jobs. This is the story of the Police Officers of the CRPD.A dastardly weasel has come to town, with a horrible. A spray that will make people instantly fall in love with each other, and you know what happens when you’re in love? You can’t keep your hands off of each other. The Weasel robs the victims blind while they are ‘occupied’.There are many fine, dedicated officers on the CRPD. But this story isn’t about them. That would be boring. It’s about Officer Nikki Collars. She’s blonde, sexy, and a borderline nymphomaniac. She’s more interested in getting some alone time with her zebra partner than doing police work. Luckily, a new detective has transferred to the station. A big, bad wolf that's ice cold. Until he lays eyes on the sexy blonde coppette that is.This the first book of the CRPD series, Cupid’s Arrow. It’s based on the artwork of Dennis Clark (aka SgtKlark), who came up with the character’s in the early 90’s. He has drawn hundreds of comic panes detailing the sexual adventures of Nikki Collars and her police officer friends.This book contains long scenes of detailed sexual situations. The story should never finish before you do. Excerpt:“Oh, yes, my love!!” she cried out as her blouse was ripped from her. His rough, wet tongue licked the space between her breasts as she tugged at the belt on his trousers. Embers of heat radiated out from her breasts, down her flat stomach to settle around her clitoris. Thin cream leaked from her blood engorged lips to soak into the fine lace of her panties. The weasel watched in fascination as the once demure fox dropped to her knees on the sidewalk. In seconds the panther’s trousers lay in a pile around his ankles. Her small hands grabbed the black, silk boxer shorts and yanked them down roughly. Her eyes sparkled with a strange lust as she took the long hard shaft in her hands. With no more than a seconds hesitation, her lips were wrapped around the head. She used her tongue to lick around the fat mushroom tip as she greedily sucked on her man’s cock. Mmmm… it’s so perfect… the most perfect cock in the world.* * * The big zebra watched as his cock slowly disappeared into his partner. Fuck… always so damn tight. Her pussy gripped his shaft as he pushed deeper, before backing out, seeing her white cream coating his prong. He pushed back in as she reared back, taking almost six inches. He let go of his dick and grabbed her hips, digging his strong fingers into the slight padding there. The zebra had rutted with his partner enough to know just what she liked. He pulled her back hard as he thrust his hips forward, driving deep into velvety slick fuck hole. That elicited a loud squeak from her as she fell forward, pressing her chest to the hood. Nikki cried out as Zed slammed his monster deep into her belly. As it forced it’s way into her deepest regions, her cunt expanded to accommodate his massive tool, but not without that exquisite pain. She whimpered as he held himself inside her, pushing against her cervix. “Ohhhh... Fuck yes… God Zed… Yes… Come on,” she gasped out as her body responded to the pain in her belly that she craved so much. The thick snake slithered back out, leaving her empty and wanting, before driving back into her. She fell forward onto the car’s hood, laying her body down on the warm slab of metal.
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