First Time in the Old Dark House

Autor: Jackie McNab

Wydawnictwo: Wicked Dreams

Jenny is on the way to the Halloween party of the season. School is out and all her friends will be there, including her football player boyfriend who she plans on getting down and dirty with for the very first time. For her very first time!Things don't go exactly as planned for her once she gets to the house, though. At first it seems dark and creepy but not long after she gets there a party does seem to be going on. Just not the party Jenny thought it was going to be.Jenny is overcome with lust when two strange, unidentified men in masks ravage her in an upstairs bedroom. She knows she should stop and find her boyfriend, but the feelings are all so new and intense that she doesn't know if she can.She's in for a big surprise when she finds out the truth of The Old Dark House!
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