Caught Catching My Son

Autor: Madame Gallivant

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: When Tabitha catches her son and his best friend masturbating, she can't help but watch... When they catch her watching, then she is left with the question: Should she act like nothing happened, or should she admit to burning desire that she has- and her son has? So who really caught who? EXCERPT: I looked towards my son, to see what he offered; while his friend had such a nice dick- a perfectly suckable cock- I was lusting for the most forbidden fruit of all, if only for fantasy. I want to see the cock of my son, my only son, yes I do! “Fuck it,” Destin said, suddenly, finally giving in, and with that, he pulled out his own dick. As I saw it in the dim light for the first time I had seen it since he was little, I was impressed. Durrell had a nice, thick meaty cock, but my son is even more impressively built; while size isn't everything, granted, there are few things nicer than a big dick to suck on. And my son, well, I have no idea where he got this trait from- it wasn't from Andrew, that is for certain- but he is definitely fortunate. Destin's cock is a little longer than his best friends, and while it didn't seem much thicker in the light, it is an even match in it's girthiness; Destin has the type of dick that other men are jealous of, and the type that some women would be scared of at first. I've never had one that big; I wonder what it feels like? I didn't marry Andrew because of his physical traits, or his sexual ability; Andrew is a conservative lover, and even when we first married, the sex between us was adequate, but nothing to write home about. I married Andrew because I love him, and I knew that he was reliable, he was steady, and even if he is boring, he will never be the type to get a hair up his ass one day and disappear into the wild blue yonder. Destin's cock reminds me of one I had right before his father's; a one night stand in college I had, with a boyfriend of a girl that I was friends with. At the time, she and I were fighting, so I decided to fuck her man; although nothing came of it- me and her patched things up, and he ended up moving away- I still remember how good he felt inside of me. I wouldn't say I'm a size queen, but any girl who says she doesn't appreciate a nice cock- like that on the two boys in front of me- is only saying that because she doesn't want to hurt her husband's feelings, or she is afraid of fully embracing her own pleasure. Too many women are afraid to admit even to themselves what really turns them on. Like watching their son masturbating? “Almost there, watch out,” Durrell warned, and with a grunt, he came, a handful of spunk all over his closed fist. I bet that tastes good. Destin, meanwhile, didn't say a word; he simply groaned, and his own eruption burst forth. Even from a few feet away, I watched the thick drops of cum- a thickness that young men seem so able to muster- fly several inches into the air. “Oh fuck!” I suddenly exclaimed, verbally as I felt my own crashing orgasm sweep over my body, my legs twitching as I came, right after my son; I was last to cum, as always, but the feeling of intensity was one like I had not experienced in years, even if my hands were the cause (and not one of their beautiful young cocks!)
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