Polly Prude Plays Dress-Up

Autor: Alana Church

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Polly Peverly had been an ice queen her entire life. All of her relationships had failed, due to her inability to let go and live in the moment. But one night she visited an adult boutique, and her entire life changed. Now she has an alter ego. Candi Cane needs sex as much as a fish needs water, and she is going to take "Polly Prude" along for the ride. Watch what happens when a horny woman starts to play dress-up!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Ronnie went home, took a nap, ate a light lunch, and then turned on the TV, flipping between college football and the playoffs.He was startled out of his thoughts by the ringing of his front doorbell. With a sigh, he levered himself to his feet, wondering who it was. Very few people had the passcode to get past the locked door in the front lobby. And even fewer of those were people who he actually wanted to see.He jerked the door open, hissing at Polly. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Polly?"She simpered up at him, twirling the end of her ponytail in her fingers. "Polly? I'm not Polly, you big silly." Even her voice was different, higher-pitched and verging on giggles. And Polly never giggled. "My name's Candi. Candi Cane. Can I come in? I'm super horny right now."He stared at her in disbelief, then opened the door wide, allowing her to saunter in. Better that, he thought, then taking the chance of one of his neighbors seeing them in the hallway. God only knew what they would think.Polly was dressed like something out of his deepest, darkest fantasies. Her hair was braided into a single ponytail, shining like a cable of gold, that stretched to the small of her back. A dark gray sweater covered a crisp white button-down shirt, which in turn strained to contain the swells of her breasts. Below, a plaid skirt in pink and red covered the shapely curves of her hips and rear, all the while tempting him to lift it and discover what wonders they concealed.He was instantly, achingly, alarmingly erect, and he gritted his teeth as he realized the game she was playing."Do you like my new outfit?" she said, her breath low and throaty. She twirled, the hem of her skirt flaring up, displaying her trim thighs. The breath caught in his throat as he thought he glimpsed a pair of lace panties. "I bought it especially for you, Ronnie."She came closer to him, and he tried to back away. Like a predator, she stalked him across the apartment, finally cornering him in the living room. The backs of his knees hit the side of his couch, and he dropped onto the cushions awkwardly. With a throaty laugh, she sat on his lap, wiggling her bottom against his groin."Ooh!" She gasped. "you feel really nice, Ronnie." She swept him a seductive look from beneath her lashes. "Down there.""Polly." He had to close his eyes. "Stop it. Now.""No," she whispered. The tone of her voice made him jerk his eyes away from her small, lush body to her face. With infinite tenderness, she took his hands, guiding them down to her rear. Almost unwillingly, his fingers explored her bottom, finding the tiny whisper of lace of her thong, buried deep in the cleft of her rear. He pulled at it, hearing his sexy older sister moan."Oh, God." She shook, burying her head in the crook of his neck. When she met his eyes again, they were wide, her lips trembling. He was taken by a sudden urge to kiss them until they were bruised and swollen. "Ronnie, I don't know what's happening to me. I'm so horny right now. I can't take it any more."I need you, Ronnie."Please."
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