Coming For Dinner

Autor: Justin Luxure

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:I can’t want her the way I do. She’s twice my age, but I’m more turned on by her than any other woman. I shouldn’t give in to temptation, but my Mother's sister wants me to. Don’t tell a soul, but forbidden fruit has never tasted as good as Aunt Erica! After Aunt Erica arrives for a family dinner, things turn risque in the upstairs bathroom; coming moments away from being caught. Later that night, Jacob receives a wake up call, he'll never forget.EXCERPT:I grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled her head backwards so that her face was pointing up towards the ceiling. The grip on her hair forced her whole body up to a vertical position as I continued thrusting into her; my thighs slapping against her now supple ass cheeks. I let go of her hair and wrapped my free arm around her waist. Sliding my fingers under the top of her waist band of her underwear and inched made my way down to her clit.She was already soaked; she must have been thinking about doing this again all night like me. I rubbed her clit in a circular motion as her breathing sped up. Aunt Erica whimpered in an attempt to not be too loud as I penetrated her cunt and stimulated her clit simultaneously. Her whimpers turned into moans, louder and louder; she was close and I was happy to get my Aunt off once again until...*Knock * Knock*There was someone at the bathroom door, our passionate fuck was interrupted and came to screeching halt. My fingers came to rest down my Aunt’s underwear and my cock remained still deep inside of her, still throbbing for more as time froze.“Are you alright in there?” said my Mother only feet away feet away from us, separated by a cheap wooden door.“Yes,” I said trying to control my breathing. “I’m just not feeling that great, I’ll be fine.”“Have you seen your Aunt?”“I’ve been in here the whole time. How would I know where she has gotten to?”The sexual tension was amplified by the situation. On one side of the door was my Mother asking where my Aunt was and on the other side was me, deep inside of her. Aunt Erica began moving her hips, grinding against my cock as I spoke to my Mother. She clearly had a thing for risks.
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