Daddy's In My Holes #3

Autor: Samantha LaCroix

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

You want some hot daddy-daughter action?These hot and hard daddies take their virgin daughters and shag them senseless! When they're done, they pump their hot seed into those tight little holes and call it a day!Come and get it!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Conner lifts the lid of the washing machine and pours in some powdered detergent. Angela, his 18-year old daughter, moves out of the way as he picks up dirty clothes and begins putting them in. Water gushes down over the articles, and when the machine is full he closes the lid again.Angela picks up her can of soda and takes a sip. She snatches a glance at her daddy, secretly happy to be working so close to him. They don't get a lot of time to spend together, just the two of them…so she's really going to take advantage of this.Angela chews softly on her lower lip.She's just turned 18 and she's a virgin. The fact that she's a virgin isn't what bothers her the most…it's that she's never had any sort of sexual experiences, outside of her own two hands.She's never kissed anyone before. She's never touched anyone sexually. She knows there's porn on the internet but she hasn't had the guts to look it up. As much as she wants to be experienced, she's scared. She just needs to find the right person to teach her.All Conner has been able to think about all day is Angela. It's hot out and all the blood is running down to his groin, making him hard more often than not. Besides that, Angela's just turned 18 and it's almost like this age flicked a switch on inside of her. She's become more sexual, more flirty, but more shy as well. The forbidden fruit.Just then, the washing machine makes a strange noise and starts wobbling side to side.Both Conner and Angela jump to it at once, opening the lid and stopping the cycle. They look inside but don't see anything wrong."I guess it was off balance," Angela suggests, readjusting some of the clothes inside and closing the lid again. The machine works like normal now."Wow, good job," Conner says, turning to look at his little girl. She turns and looks up at him as well."Thanks," she says with a smile.
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