Filling My Virginity

Autor: Candi Desires

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

"Do you really want to do this?" he asks. She looks into his eyes and nods. "Yes," she breathes. "I want you to be my first." Michelle can't control herself sometimes. She's a younger woman, but being around Kyle, an older man, just gets her going. She wants him to take her for the first time, and do it hard and without protection. Will he do it? How can you say no to this? ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "Lot of clubs in there," Kyle says, hooking a thumb over his shoulder as he and his 18-year old friend's daughter leave the college's club room. "Gee, are you sure, Kyle?" she asks him. "I hadn't noticed." He laughs as she gives him a smile. "Well, this is a pretty great tour you're giving me so far," he says to her. "Where else did you want to show me?" "Oh man, want to see the best spot on campus?" Michelle asks her buddy. He smiles at her. "Um, obviously I do," he says. Michelle's smile widens. "Come on," she says, and the two of them head there. "Just a little higher," Michelle says a little while later, and soon enough she and her buddy walk out onto the dorm roof. If you go near the edge you can see out over the campus, but only a few steps back makes you invisible to those below. "Wow," Kyle says to his little princess. "And you say nobody else comes up here?" "Nope," Michelle says with pride. "Nobody else seems to know how to get up here." Kyle turns to look at his little princess and she smiles at him. He walks up to her, stopping right in front of her. "I think I've figured something out," Michelle says to her buddy. Kyle raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? What's that?" he asks. "I think…I think I want to become a mommy," she says to him, and now both of Kyle's eyebrows raise. "A mommy?" he repeats. "Yeah," Michelle says. "I want to become pregnant, and have a baby, and be a mommy." She looks up into her buddy's eyes. "What do you think? Could I do it?"
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