Incest Punishment

Autor: Lily Weidner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONSari has never been one for close intimate relationships. Something has always prevented her pleasure something she couldn’t bring herself to admit. Why did her thoughts always wander to her strict and domineering boss? This naughty teacher is about to receive the answers she sorely needs—and they start with taboo sex!EXCERPT“Good. It’s settled then.” John leaned back in his chair taking in Sari’s every delectable detail. She doesn’t think far enough ahead. No matter, she still remains a challenge to enjoy. It’s time to end this little dance of ours. Smirking as he eyed Sari growing more comfortable with each passing minute, John broke the silence between them. “Touch yourself. I want to watch you get off.”Horrified from the words, Sari felt her body stiffen. “Wh-what? No! I won’t! I didn’t agree to do anything like that!”John relaxed; as he watched the way Sari’s body stiffened. If she would have cared to take a cue from her body, she would have seen how badly she wanted to comply with his words. Her nipples are starting to strain against her shirt, her legs are spread a little wider, and the way her fingers are playing with her skirt leave no doubt in my mind she wants this. Choosing to let Sari’s discomfort grow in the hope she might notice her longing, John leaned forward again before he ultimately chose to speak again. “You agreed to follow the rules. Sari, my rules are clear. I will not have you fucking my students. Since you lack the control necessary to keep your sexual desires at bay while I work, I will allow you to pleasure yourself here in my office.”
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