Christmas Joy: My Festive Mother

Autor: Justin Luxure

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave

DESCRIPTION:Mike is coming home for the holidays and is greeted by his Mother, Joy and new husband Trevor. His Mom has gone through changes in her life and is now a total fox! The three years away from home has gotten to him and he starts to find himself attracted to his own Mother. Leading to a forbidden relationship they must keep hidden from their family during the holiday season.EXCERPT:Climbing out of bed, I headed past Todd’s bedroom and gingerly walked towards the stairs in hopes I wouldn’t wake anyone. The stairs creaked with each step, but not enough to jolt anyone from their slumber. Halfway down the stairs I noticed the glare of the Christmas tree lights against the wall, even though I distinctly remember unplugging them before going to bed.I stealthily continued down the stairs and peaked around the corner laying eyes on something I could only dream of. My Mother was bending over under the Christmas tree rustling around with the lights. She was wearing a sexy Christmas outfit with a red Santa skirt and red lace underwear. How did I know what kind of underwear she was wearing? The fabric was creeping up between her ass cheeks.My foot slipped and banged on the ground; my Mother quickly stood up and I continued down the stairs as if I wasn’t there long. Quickly she flicked on the light and revealed her entire outfit. Her breasts wrapped tightly in a matching Santa Clause bra; her cleavage shining with a layer of sweat under the living room light. I was able to see her long smooth legs for the first time as she rested the palm of her hand on her hip; staring at me.“What are you doing up?” she asked.
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