Punished Outdoors Group Action

Autor: Daisy Rose

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Misbehaving young women need to be punished right away. This 3-book bundle features embarrassed young ladies who are spanked and taken in broad daylight as punishment for their misbehaviors. Here you will find: Biker Bar, Car Park, and Jungle Trail.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~My boots sunk into the layer of snow that had fell during the night and I took out my equipment with great care from my backpack. As I had foreseen earlier, the bottom of my dress was quickly wet and muddied.I sighed and looked around. There should be nobody around, I reasoned to myself. The looming gate that led to the forest was locked firmly behind me before driving on. This was private property. The roads were clear of tire-tracks and there was no signs of anyone entering or exiting the place."I've been careful," I whispered softly, biting my bottom lip as I tried to talk myself into doing this. Even though this was probably the tenth time I had decided to explore the forest naked, I had never stopped worrying about being caught.If I was ever caught doing this during work hours, I knew I was going to get fired. It wasn't just the fear of getting fired, though. I was worried about how my colleagues would see me differently. Would they be ashamed to be associated with someone so lewd and disgusting?My face flamed red with shame just by thinking of the repercussions. My dress continued to seep the cold snow up my ankles. A part of me worried that Wendy's comment about how gathering samples should be a 'man's job' would get some white knight colleague to come and 'rescue me'."Maybe further in the forest," I reasoned to myself. That way, I could get dressed before I returned to the car. No doubt, if any of my colleagues would come find me, they would wait for me by the car. It was hard to navigate the forest even with a map and the guys in the office were not really the camping type.I grabbed my kit and backpack and trudged into the forest, fully intent on getting my work done and enjoy myself while I was at it.Once I was good distance in, I looked around myself surreptitiously, making sure that I was completely alone even though I was already certain there was no one around me. A charge of excitement crawled down my spine as I started peeling off my snow-drenched dress
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