Punishing Amanda

Autor: Angel Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Amanda doesn't seem to know how to keep her mouth shut, so she gets punished, but in the sexiest way possible! Sadly, Amanda still gets to deal with the bossy son of the naughty stripper, but at least she still gets a hot female stripper! Plus, Amanda still gets to be with her son, without anyone knowing about it!EXCERPT:“Why are you doing this to me?” Amanda asked angrily.“Because you’re a nosy bitch, and we need to punish you for it.” Kris answered.“Excuse me? It’s not my fault that you two decided to fuck in the dressing room area, knowing all too well that any one of us could walk in and catch you two.” Amanda said in a rude, and angry tone of voice.Krystal looked from Amanda to her son Kris. “She does make a point there, my son.”“Who the fuck cares. Shut the damn bitch up. I don’t want to even hear her talk right now.” Kris demanded, as he reached for the panties. He felt glad that Amanda only wore a long shirt and some panties. He could see the nipples poke up through the thin white material.“How do you want me to do that?” Krystal asked, as she looked at her son.“Really, mom?” Kris asked in annoyance. He lifted Amanda’s left leg, while yanking her panties down on one side, and then did the same thing with the right leg. He felt overjoyed to see the panties come down now, and Kris threw them on the floor.“What?” Krystal asked in confusion.“Just shut her up. I don’t care how. Just do it.” Kris demanded.“Damn it Kris, get your hands off me.” Amanda shouted angrily, as she felt Kris’s hands on her hips, and now down her legs. She tried to kick him, but he grabbed her legs with both of his hands.Kris felt angry now after almost getting kicked, so he grabbed both legs, and put them together tightly. He held both legs with one hand, and then lifted the legs up into the air. Kris moved the legs up over Amanda’s body now, and made her bonny ass lift off the table. After that, Kris spanked Amanda on the ass cheek hard.“Shut up, bitch!” Kris hissed. He spanked the white ass again, softer this time.Krystal hated Amanda yelling, so she leaned down and kissed Amanda on the lips. She kissed hard on the lips, for a short while, before turning the kissing into a passionate tongue war. Krystal liked kissing girls anyways, and it started to turn her on, since Amanda started to kiss back now.“Damn, that’s what I like to see.” Kris said approvingly, as he watched his mother kiss another woman. It started to turn him on, as he reached for Amanda’s shaved groin. He reached for the clitoris, and moved his finger around on the small rounded looking skin.Now with the hot kissing, Amanda forgot about Kris for a little bit, and enjoyed Krystal’s wet mouth on hers. Amanda could feel Krystal’s tongue trying to get inside her mouth, so Amanda let the tongue slide into her mouth, and then she touched her tongue with Krystal’s tongue. The two ladies played tongue war, as they kissed. The passion and sparks flew between them now, as they started to moan softly, causing vibrations in each other’s mouths.Krystal wanted more, so she moved her hands off the wrists now, and lifted the shirt up. She played with the titties and then stopped kissing Amanda, and moved down to the nibbles.  She sucked and licked on the nibbles now, making them erect, and hard.
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