Daddy Helps Out

Autor: Alex Barton

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Marcy Wilson is the most beautiful and desirable girl at Lamont High. She has blonder hair, higher cheekbones, longer legs and bigger breasts than any other girl in the school. But when Donny Mitchell, the captain of the football team, wants to fuck her ass for the first time she says no, she's too scared! Who can she trust to show her how wonderful anal sex can be? Her loving father and mother know just the man...EXCERPT:“I guess I was just scared he was going to hurt me,” Marcy said, licking her lips.“I know, honey, I know,” her father said, leaning over to kiss the top of his daughter's head and gently laying a hand on her shoulder to indicate she should lie back. “It’s only natural when you’ve never had anal sex before.”Marcy reached down for the hem of her little pleated skirt. She pulled it up until the material was bunched round her waist. Then she dug her heels into the bedspread and raised her hips off the bed so she could shimmy her tiny thong panties down her legs and kick them away.“Would I have liked it, Daddy?” she asked him, spreading her legs wide and reaching her hands down to the swollen pink lips of her pussy. She pulled them wide with her fingertips in invitation, her breasts heaving with excited anticipation.“Let me talk to your Mom, honey,” Ted Wilson said softly, climbing over his daughter’s body so his legs straddled her head, the thick shaft of his cock pointing down towards her mouth. Drops of oily come seeped from the tip and onto her tongue. “We’ll work something out.”And then he sighed in immense satisfaction as Marcy moved her hands to clasp his hips, pulling his penis deep into her throat at the same time as he buried his head between his daughter’s legs and took the whole of the dripping wet peach of her cunt into his mouth...
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