Peaceful Sundays

Autor: Jimmy Pete

Wydawnictwo: Jimmy Pete

The breakout first novel from author Jimmy Pete, Peaceful Sundays is a laugh-out-loud parody of American society: a rollicking ride through the world of corrupt cops, white collar criminals, racists, sexists, homophobes, and Jesus Christ the Heavenly Father Almighty. Hilarious and poignant, the story follows Da'Ndre Goldstein, a 29-year-old biracial orphan drifter, as he flees the deep south with the dual intentions of both evading prosecution and finding his long-lost mother. Struggling against The Man, Da'Ndre cons, cajoles and escapes a cast of physically and emotionally scarred characters, until he finds the redemption that he never knew he was looking for. “More fun than reading the Bible!”
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