Daddy Issues

Autor: Veronica Sloan

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

In this collection of four erotic shorts, fathers and their daughters become passionate lovers. In "Daddy, Will You Stretch Me?" Natalie needs her father to soothe her uncomfortable cramping. In "The Taste of a Real Man," Rachel finds herself surprisingly aroused after her father protects her from a couple thugs. In "My Father's Whore," a high-priced call girl discovers her father is her date...~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~From "Daddy, Will You Stretch Me?":Natalie was wearing the same gray hoodie she'd been wearing all week, her tan thighs gripped tight by her cut-off jeans. She gazed up at him with the most exhausted expression, her little lips puckered in misery. "I just wanted to see if I was better," she said. "Like, maybe it would fix itself?"Nick slid the hood off her lank hair and caressed her temple. Her skin was soft and smooth, her thin eyebrows like wheat in spring. Watching her beauty crumple against this utter despair was intolerable to him. Nick gently kissed her forehead. "Oh, baby. I'm sorry. I am so sorry.""It hurts," she sighed. "It's like I have lockjaw...down there. Like it's mad at me and gritting its teeth. What did I do?""Nothing, baby." He scooped up her hands. "This isn't your fault.""Daddy," she sobbed. Hot tears drenched her lips as she pushed into her father's arms. "It hurts," she moaned. "What is wrong with me? Why is this happening?"He wrapped her up in his big bear arms and squeezed with all his might. "Mmph," she huffed into his chest. She inhaled deeply, loving the familiar, manly smell of him. He didn't wear cologne except on special occasions, so his scent was aftershave and Old Spice mingled with the light sweat from a long day on the job. As he crushed her to his body, his palms pushed against the tight muscles in her back. "That," she groaned. "I wish I could do that...down there." He squeezed her again, and she moaned into his chest. "It's like physical therapy. We can fix it, if you stick with it.""But it hurts now!" she whined. Nick did what he could. He picked her up and sat her on his lap. "I'm so sorry this is happening, baby," he murmured. With a thumb, he brushed the tears off one cheek. With his lips, he kissed the sticky trails they left on her skin. As he moved to the other cheek, she turned and, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, kissed his salty lips. At first it was just the chaste kiss of a daughter...but then she moaned, and opened her mouth. Nick hadn't been kissed like that in what felt like years. "Have you thought about it?" she asked huskily. "About what mom said?" Natalie wiggled in her daddy's lap.Nick grunted. "Nat," he sighed. "We promised we weren't going to talk about that."Wth drowsy eyes and open lips, Natalie pouted at her father. "But I've been thinking," she whispered. Her tight thighs sent naughty ripples up his spine. "What if we tried it just once?" she offered. There was a desperation in her, a passionate hunger that dragged her voice down into her throat. "Daddy, I'm so tight. I don't want to go to the hospital again.""I don't want that either, baby."Natalie gazed up at him with her darling blue eyes. How many years had those eyes looked to him for safety, for comfort, for love, for approval? Never before had they gazed up at him as he sucked her tender tongue. Never before had she spread her fingers over his chest with such nervous, forbidden need. Never before had he felt the woman she'd become. "You need my help?" he murmured."Yes, daddy," she whimpered.
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