Sis Loves Me

Autor: Laura Lovecraft

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Kyle's big sister, Jenna loves to tease him any chance she gets. Ever since they were kids whenever she'd aggravate him she'd give him a kiss and tell him "Sis loves you!". Up until now it had been typical sibling rivalry, but that changes the day Jenna catches Kyle watching porn. That's when Jenna takes her games to a new level and one that adds a new meaning to the phrase Sis loves you!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~"Jenna, please." Arguing with her wasn't going to get him anywhere so he decided to beg. Most of the time that's what she wanted anyway was to see him squirm. "Don't tell mom and dad.""Why shouldn't I?""Because I'm sorry. I figured it was no big deal. It's just a stocking.""But it belongs to your sister, you pervert.""Not like your foot was in it." "Then why not buy a pair to use to enhance your experience?" She raised her eyebrows, "Hmmm?""I just found it on the floor one day." He sighed. "I shouldn't have done it." "Did you sniff it?" She smirked"Hell no!" "You're lying." The smirk turned into a big smile. "You sniffed it didn't you?""I'm not answering that.""Wonder if dad will ask you."Kyle put his head down, "What do you want from me, sis?""The truth. You sniff it?""What's it matter?""If you're honest maybe I won't tell mom and dad." She waited, but when he didn't say anything she asked again. "Little brother, did you sniff your big sister's sweaty stocking?""Yes," he whispered."What was that?" Jenna put her hand to her ear. "I didn't hear you.""Yes, I sniffed it!""Dirty boy." She spoke in that teasing tone she'd used on him for as long as he could remember and annoyed the hell out of him. "Did it get you hard?""Get out!" He snapped. "Fine, Mom will be home in an hour." She started to slide off the desk."Jenna, please. You know they'll go nuts over this.""Then answer the question.""I can't.""That's an answer right there." She laughed. "Okay, forget that for now. How about this one. Do I have sexy feet?""Sis, that's...hey!"Jenna lifted her leg and put her foot in his face. "Well do I?""They're okay I guess.""Just okay?" Jenna wiggled her toes. "With my pretty toe nails and sexy little tattoo?" She slid the side of her foot along his cheek."Stop that.""That rose would make a nice bull's eye wouldn't it?" "Jenna, you're my sister, knock it off." He sounded properly upset, but it really wasn't at her. It was at the fact his body was reacting to her foot touching his face. "You like my feet, don't you little brother?" She puu her toes inches from his lips."No." He turned his head, then shivered when she pressed the sole of her foot along his cheek. "Yes, you do." She insisted "I can see it in your eyes. You like my feet.""Jenna, I...oh, shit!" he gasped when she put her other foot on his crotch. His rapidly swelling crotch.
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