Daughter's Secret Stud

Autor: R. Richard

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

:DESCRIPTION:I laugh, “What kinda job do I get, after people see me fuck, in a video?” WW lectures me, “The porn video people have makeup artists. They can make you look enough different that people don’t recognize you.” I ask, “How much money can I make?” WW lectures, “If you show up on time, sober and can get an erection, wood they call it, you can easily make double what you could make at a menial job.:EXCERPT:Little Howie tells the guy, “We got jumped by four punks. One of them had a gun. Jimmy used a couple of single sticks and maybe saved my life.”An-Hing thinks for a few moments and then says to me, “You can’t just go around hitting punks with single sticks. You need to join our Kung Fu gym class and we show you how to do it with just your hands and feet.”(My current gym class is filled with terminal wimps and I decide to enlist.)I start to work out with the Chinese guys. The work is hard, but I get good at it pretty fast.(I then discover an interesting thing, that will impact the rest of my life. There are many styles of Kung Fu, but two main types. There are external types and internal types. The guys who study the external types look like: ‘Yes, I hang out at Muscle Beach.’ The guys who study the internal types look like fit, well defined guys, but not muscle men. The type of Kung Fu that I study is an internal; type.)As I study high school classes, I find that I’m getting poor grades in English.I then meet Wild Wanda. WW is a real looker, a poet and bat shit crazy. However, WW has an offer for me. If I will deal with an anus, who’s bothering WW, WW will see that my English grades improve.I escort WW to a dance.Anus boy is larger than I am and he figures that he can just brush me aside and get at WW.I do a ‘joke’ Kung Fu attack on anus boy, striking him with just light taps. (I damn near kill the anus. I then do what nearly 13 years of education have failed to do. I have anus boy look up one word in a dictionary. The word is ‘quadriplegic.’ Anus boy’s behavior improves a great deal.)(I continue to do the same kind of work for English class that I did before, but my grades improve dramatically. I suspect that WW talked to my English teacher. It’s just a guess, but I would put the probability at 99+%.)As I near high school graduation, I have earned a second degree black belt on King Fu and I have a published paper in mathematics. I then find that my best and highest use, economically, is flipping hamburgers. I mention the fact to WW.WW asks me, “Jim, how old are you?”I tell her, “I just turned 18-years-old.”WW grins and tells me, “I also just turned 18-years-old.”I ask, “So what? That’s the normal age for high school graduation.”WW grins and tells me, “Since you’re 18-years-old, I have a much better job for you than flipping hamburgers.”I tell WW, “I’m willing to listen, but I warn you I’m allergic to iron bars and prison food.”WW laughs and says, “No, nothing like that. I want you to take me home and screw me.”I stammer, “I thought that you just said ...”WW laughs, “That’s what I just said.”We then walk over to WW’s place. She lives in an apartment that’s considerably nicer than the dorm room where I live.WW then strips for me, as I fumble off my clothes. WW then guides me through what she wants me to do.
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