Daddy Popped Our Cherries

Autor: Trisha Treat

Wydawnictwo: TT Books

My best friend, Beth, and I were almost ready to go to college, and we couldn't believe that we were STILL virgins! It just didn't seem fair. We practiced kissing and sexual moves on each other all the time, just so we would be ready when the time finally came. When my Daddy caught us practicing our kissing with each other in the bathtub, he decided to teach us what men like, once and for all. Beth and I always did everything together, and losing our virginity on the same night to my Daddy was no exception!EXCERPT:“I wonder what kind of treat your dad has in mind for us?” Beth pondered. “It felt so good when he was rubbing my shoulders. I want a man just like him to marry me someday. Your dad is hot.”I laughed, and agreed that his hands were indeed magic, and that he was a prime specimen of manhood. My Daddy was hot, and I wanted a man like him too, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to think that my own Daddy was sexy. Beth is the only one I would ever admit that too. She knew all my secrets. “Tell me if you think he’s like this kind of kissing!” Beth grinned and leaned forward toward me to kiss me, our nipples touching each other through the water. She kissed me roughly on the mouth. I giggled and pulled back. “No, he wouldn’t like that. My Daddy would go slow and deep, like this.”With that, I scooted toward her again until our nipples brushed each other, and kissed her slowly on the mouth. Just then, we heard a quick knock, and then the bathroom door opening. “I have some fresh towels for you girls!”
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