Those Dirty Victorians!

Autor: Anna Austin

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

The Victorians may have appeared respectable in public, but behind closed doors they were very dirty indeed! This three book collection gets down and dirty with the darker side of Victorian desire, and reveals what they were really up to in private!Story One: Her Sinful PunishmentMary has always been a good girl. But hunger has made her desperate. Caught stealing, she must face justice.But the town constable has an intriguing proposition. She can go to court and stand trial—or she can take his, more personal punishment. As she soon discovers, the constable's brand of discipline involves pain and humiliation—but also intense pleasure and delights of the most sinful kind.Story Two: In the Dungeon of Dorian GrayYoung Lady Sylvia Hamilton is strikingly beautiful and fiercely independent. An orphan, her inheritance means that she can dismiss the parade of men queuing for her attention, and ignore the expectations that society has of young, single ladies. Above all, she calls no man her master.Until that is, she meets the enigmatic Dorian Gray.Charming her at a dinner party, he whisks her away, but her dreams of romance soon descend into a nightmare. She discovers that Mr. Gray has very particular tastes and desires, and that he has chosen her to act them out upon. Shackled and shaved, Sylvia finds herself entering a world of domination and submission, where pain and pleasure unite in one delicious whole. Will she give into temptation and surrender her young body to him? Or will the twisted fantasies of Dorian Gray prove too much for her to bear?Story Three: Little Lily Loses Her InnocenceLily wants to rebel. Her father is a tyrant, chasing away her potential suitors, no matter their suitability. And yet Lily has needs. Her body has awakened, but she is forced to explore herself alone. She craves the touch of a man. And now the time has come to find one.She runs away, slipping out at night and heading for the docks. There, she finds what she has been looking for. Two sailors, one black, the other white—and both hungry for firm, sweet flesh. They accompany her down an alley, and there they do away with her innocence—and make a woman of her.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Excerpt From: In the Dungeon of Dorian GrayEventually, I could contain my curiosity no longer. I was seated next to a dowager Duchess, a lady of no real interest, and no small girth. She was however a first-class gossip, so I suspected that she would be able to furnish me with some interesting titbits about the mysterious Mr. Gray. Once I had prevailed on her…with difficulty…to tear herself away from the Beef Wellington, she was willing and eager to answer by questions on the matter.“Oh him!” she whispered dramatically, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin. “That’s Dorian Gray. Surely you’ve heard of him my dear? He’s a cad of the first order. I’m very surprised that Lady Heathcombe has invited him here tonight. I was of the opinion that he was no longer welcome in polite society.”This certainly piqued my interest. “Why so?” I asked her. “He looks very young and fresh. How could one so youthful have already attracted so much scandal?”The Duchess leaned in conspiratorially. She was clearly relishing the conversation. She was one of those women who only allows only two things to pass through her lips…food in, gossip out.“Well, for one thing, don’t let those youthful good looks fool you. Mr. Gray is quite forty years old!”“Forty!” I exclaimed in disbelief. “But how can that be! He looks barely half that age!”The Duchess nodded. “It is indeed a mystery. Quite how Mr. Gray has maintained his freshness is a matter of much speculation. Indeed, I have attended entire dinner parties where it has been the main topic of conversation. It is quite an enigma, and indeed quite unfair, given the life of debauchery that he leads.”
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