Hunted For Their Pleasure

Autor: Anna Austin

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

What started as a punishment for stealing has now become a dangerous game. Marie is a lowly maid, and her master, Mr. Marston, had inducted her into a world of pain, pleasure and delicious sin. Now, he and his friends will hunt her.Released into the woods, she must run. In her heart, she knows her capture to be inevitable - and then the real fun will begin...~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Having crossed the clearing, Marie came across a path. She considered it for a moment, but decided to stay off it; while it would be easier to navigate, it would also expose her. She continued to go deeper into the forest, avoiding paths and other clearings.Marie stopped again to catch her breath. She was fairly sure that she knew which way lay the edge of the forest and considered moving back towards it. She could not outrun Mr. Marston and the other gentlemen, but she could try to outsmart them. Surely, they expected Marie to run deep into the forest, but if she stayed near the edge instead, if she found a spot far enough her starting point, perhaps she could elude them for a little longer.Don’t be silly, she thought after a moment. Marie knew that she had no chance of outsmarting the men. They must be familiar with the forest, furthermore, what if they decided to split up and move separately? Besides, she did not know how much time she had left. If she tried to venture back now, she might run into the hunting party. No, moving deeper into the forest and finding a spot between the trees was more sensible, although Marie supposed that there was nothing sensible about this.
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