Daddy Fulfills My Secret Fantasy

Autor: Trisha Treat

Wydawnictwo: TT Books

21 year old Callie took the weekend away from university to spend with her father, but she is stuck for another night when a snowstorm hits just before he was going to drive her back. Callie pulls out her erotica book to pass the time until she can leave, but when Daddy finds out what she is reading, he insists on making her secret fantasies come true. EXCERPT:I found myself grinding my ass back against him as he held me tight. "I don't know, Daddy. I mean, I guess it's been a fantasy of mine for a while now. It's just a book. It doesn't mean anything, really." I said this as I continued rubbing my ass against him. I was wearing leggings, and the thin fabric wasn't much of a barrier between us. "If it doesn't mean anything, then why can I smell the sweet cum leaking from your pussy?" Daddy said in a deep, husky voice. I gasped. I had never heard him sound like that before. It was scary, but at the same time, very arousing.
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