Billionaire's Heir

Autor: Moana More

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of an Alpha Male Billionaire, Older Man/Younger Woman Romance.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~I had thought we settled everything on Richard’s last, whirlwind visit, but I was wrong. Since he left, our correspondence has been less and less. I realize that he’s a billionaire businessman with all kinds of projects, businesses and ventures to manage. I also know that he travels all over the world, luckily he has a private jet, or otherwise running such an empire would be inconceivable.I had come home once again and Mom rushed me into the kitchen and said,“Oh darling, I have a wonderful surprise for you!”“What?” I asked.“We’re getting married!” She shouted.“What!” I said in shock.“Yes dear and I’m in heaven!” She answered.She's in heaven, but what about me?It was the night before the wedding, Mom’s special day.The dress was gorgeous. Handmade, yet it fit every curve of MY body perfectly. I stood there in my own room admiring myself in the full length mirror.Then, suddenly, at the doorway, I heard someone clearing their throat and when I turned, there stood Richard. My jaw dropped.“Deja’ vu,” he said in that deep voice of his. “Playing dress up again I see.”
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