Mother’s Awakening

Autor: Surely Wilder

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Denied her true sexual desires and fulfillment, Mildred awakens to what should have been her greatest nightmare. She is confronted with a slightly sadistic dom who methodically breaks her resistance to carnal delights, and introduces her to the realm of complete surrender as she conceives a child with her son, and embraces her most depraved, delightful longings.EXCERPT:“I’ll make a deal with you. If you can pass my test. I will awaken your son and both you and he may go. But, if you fail, then you will stay here willingly until you have learned the lessons I wish to teach.”“What kind of test, I can assure you that I am well versed in many subjects.”“I’m sure that you are, you are just inept at life.”His comment took me by complete surprise. I was fully confident of my abilities and more than willing to accept his challenge. “Fine give me your test.”“You do understand the consequences? If you should lose, I will show you what you have been hiding from all your life.”“I’ve hidden from nothing.”“Pleasure, depravity, orgasms of the richest kind. What you call wickedness, I call delights.”“I’m not so easily manipulated.” I spat back.“Alright, do you still want the test knowing that you will be righteously fucked if you lose it.”I was shocked. He said fucked, not raped. I would never consent to him doing that to me. I looked at him and asked the obvious question. “Do you intend to rape me?”“Of course not. Everything that happens this evening will happen with your consent.”“Then yes, I accept your test, and demand that you release us when I win.”“Very good, there’s only one simple question, dear lady. Look at your beautiful, sleeping boy.” I did. Titan was a beautiful young man and he was the perfect combination of his father and me. Many of his features had come from me. He had dark, curly hair that was both boyish and masculine at the same time. Often, I told him to trim it, but secretly I liked the longish locks. Why did I want to run my fingers through it? The shape of his face resembled mine with perfect symmetry from the crown to his dimpled hairless chin. His strong nose was his father’s, but his lips were mine, and I secretly loved looking into his eyes, because they also belonged to his father. I had created a beautiful young man, and I marveled in the mystery of that moment. I had never looked at my son like that.“Behold his strong youthful form.” I allowed my gaze to take in my son’s torso, he had certainly lived up to his name. I watched as his abdomen moved up and down while his solar plexus flexed revealing the six pack abs I had never seen before. His pectoral muscles were massive.“Appreciate the strong, virile penis that formed inside of you.” I wish he had not commanded me to do that. I looked at the toad, “Do it or the test is off.” I returned my gaze to my son’s hard, uncut cock. Titan possessed a thick penis, and with the hair removed, it seemed even bigger. The shaft lay upon his abdomen with a gentle bend to the left. I gasped as I realized the crown of his cock extended beyond his belly button. The veined shaft seemed to throb with the rhythm of his heart beat. Looking lower, I saw his large, wrinkled pouch of creation. The fleshy sac seemed huge to me, and I marveled at how soft the wrinkled flesh appeared to be. I had never had thoughts like that, but I looked again, and felt my mouth water as I beheld the plump, teardrop bags that held my son’s fertile jewels.
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