Spanking For Fun

Autor: George Boxlicker

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

There are men and women who derive much of their sexual pleasure from being spanked or whipped or paddled, usually by a member of the opposite sex, and there are others who love being the ones to dole out such punishment. Here are ten tales about such people, including the first spanking for some of them and punishment for others as a regular part of their carnal pleasure. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Excerpt from "Paddling Party" Cassie had some trepidation about what she was going to be doing that night but was determined to find out about it for herself. She had never been spanked, not even by a disciplining parent, but she had heard some of her friends and college dormitory mates talking about being spanked or paddled or even whipped by their boyfriends. Most of them had liked that part alright and had raved about the great sex that ensued, the best ever, according to them. To Cassie, that didn’t seem to make sense. She had occasionally burned herself or stubbed a toe or suffered other minor injuries and the pain from those had not been at all erotic. “How then,” she had asked herself, “could the pain of being spanked be at all sexually arousing or even fun?” She had no answer to that and no way to find one without actually having her body abused and she was extremely reluctant to ask any of the men she knew to do that, even though it might have answered her question. Partly, she was concerned that he might really enjoy doing it to her while she didn’t and he might continue to inflict pain on her even while she was imploring him to stop. If she asked her boyfriend to try the experiment with her, she might hate it and he might like it and insist on swatting her bare bottom as part of every sexual encounter after that. As for having a stranger spank her, that could be even more dangerous, even if she were willing to expose herself to him. One evening in her dorm room, Cassie thought she had found a safe way to learn what she wanted to know. While surfing the internet, she happened to come across a picture of a woman whose naked ass was apparently being paddled by a tall, handsome man using what looked like a long board with a handle. She read the accompanying text and learned the name of the site and of the small, nondescript building where they were located were Paddling Party. Her interest was piqued and she read further, about how they catered to adventurous men and women who were curious about the sexual joys to be found through the receiving or giving of pain. Intrigued, because that described her perfectly, Cassie read more, about how the club, as the site called their place of business, serviced people who were looking for a different kind of thrill. Men and women who came there together would be assigned to the same room if that was what they preferred. New clients, especially people who were curious about being spanked and came to the club alone, would be paired with other male or female clients, depending on preference, who would be aware of the lack of experience and would be as rough or as gentle as the new person wanted. The advertisement went on to describe safe words and various objects that could be used in the spankings or whippings. Cassie took a closer look at the photo that had caught her eye. The woman was very beautiful and very naked and she was bent forward over the back of what appeared to be a heavy wooden chair. The handsome man had apparently just landed a blow on one creamy ass cheek and left a bright red blotch. There were other marks that looked as if they had come from previous swats of the board. As she stared at the bare skin and the marks, Cassie felt her own ass tingling and, for a moment, wished she could be the one having her naked rear end turned a bright red by the instrument being swung by the same hot dude. “I’ll do it,” she said aloud.
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