My Sister Needs An Anal Lesson - Volume 2

Autor: Veronica Sloan

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

After taking his sister's anal virginity, Simon is eager for a second encounter. He knows he shouldn't have romantic thoughts about Kelly but the intimacy of their "lesson" has spoiled him for other lovers. Was that all it was? Just some naughty education? Simon is losing sleep over the question when Kelly arrives with the answer. Her boyfriend can't give her what she needs, but big brother can!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~It was fine, I told myself later in the car. She was just trying to have some fun, keep things casual and not weird. Teasing I could deal with. We teased each other all the time. The problem was, there used to be a line. I didn't know it that morning, or even that week, but the line was being redrawn.For example, as brother and sister we tried to avoid seeing each other naked. After our anal lesson, Kelly let that rule slide. I discovered this one bright Saturday morning while Kelly was dyeing her hair. She asked me something from the bathroom while I was strolling merrily down the hall and, since the door was only halfway closed, I pushed it open to carry on the conversation. I was greeted by the sight of my naked sister grinning like a maniac. I suppose she wasn't completely naked since she was wearing latex gloves and a hand towel wrapped around her shoulders, but they did nothing to cover up the rest of her.I didn't freak out. That was obviously what she wanted. Instead, I planted my fists on my hips and gazed levelly into her sky blue eyes. "Kelly..." I started.She bit her lip to keep from laughing and continued to rub Vaseline into her hairline. "I was just asking if you wanted to get pizza later," she said."Kelly..." I repeated."Oh, you're so mad," she whispered into the mirror. "I'm not mad," I said. "I just think this is a little weird."She rolled her eyes. "I was playing with the Vaseline and I thought of you. Take it as a compliment.""You know mom's downstairs," I said."So?" she said. "We're not doing anything wrong.""So are you teasing me or is this normal for us now?"She didn't look directly at me, she just pursued her task, diligently applying the Vaseline to her ears and neck. "I'm not sure," she said. "If it really bothers you I won't do it again." She wiggled her naked bottom. "Does it bother you?"That was a tricky question. Did I want to see her buttocks jiggle? Did I want to see them flex atop her thighs as she swayed before the bathroom mirror, and twisted, and went up on her tiptoes? Was that okay? Or would that spectacular booty haunt me like an untapped keg haunts an alcoholic? "I'm going back to blonde," she said offhandedly, as if carrying on a conversation like this was the natural way of things. "You said you liked it darker but I prefer it when it's all one color."I listened for my mother in the kitchen before I replied. "I'm not going to tell you what to do with your body," I said. She grinned at me in the mirror. "Obviously. But you can tell me what you think."Our eyes held each other for too long. There were thoughts bubbling behind our irises, in both our demented brains. Did she call me into the bathroom to admire her, to covet her, or to just shoot the breeze? I wasn't sure. From the way she bit her bottom lip and swayed gently on the balls of her feet, it seemed like she was nervous--curious to know if I was frustrated or enjoying the view. Was I supposed to? Was I allowed to?
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